Every change made to Fortnite map in v7.20 update – Polar Peak, Tilted Towers, and more

Albert Petrosyan

The v7.20 update in Fortnite Battle Royale has been the biggest of Season 7 so far and has introduced some noticeable changes to the map. 

Immediately after v7.20 went live on January 15, players noticed that there were several significant changes made to certain locations on the map like Polar Peak, Tilted Towers, Paradise Palms, and more. 

The map has been constantly evolving since the start of Season 7, although there hadn’t been any major changes made over the past few weeks as there hadn’t been any game updates over the holiday period. 

Snow Biome

An iceberg located on the snowy corner of the map began rapidly decreasing in health once the update went live, and it eventually melted and cracked to reveal a secret bunker door.

Much like its counterpart that’s been in Wailing Woods for a while now, this bunker door is sealed and indestructible, so there is no way to get inside. 

Polar Peak

Polar Peak has seen a host of changes since it was first added to the map at the start of Season 7 and this update is no exception. 

More of the snow and ice around the castle has melted to make lower levels accessible to players, and the mysterious Dragon Eggs are more noticeable than ever.

In addition, there is a large ice sphere floating straight above the peak of the mountain, with some theorizing that it could relate to the leaked Ice Storm in-game event (More info soon)


Tilted Towers

The broken down central building in Tilted Towers continues to get closer and closer to taking its final shape as the reconstruction appears to be almost fully complete.

Having been subjected to periodic destruction in the past, it’s hard to tell how long this unlucky building will remain standing. 


Desert Biome

A diner located near Paradise Palms on the desert biome has been replaced by a new ice cream shop called SoFDeeZ. This change appears to be purely cosmetic and should not really affect players’ gameplay near the area.  


Wailing Woods

A new giant rock formation has appeared near Wailing Woods and it appears to be the female counterpart of the male golem that’s been on the map for quite a while now. 

Whether or not this new female golem will start moving around the map like the male version remains to be seen. 


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