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Epic Games vault a number of items for Fortnite’s Season 6

Published: 27/Sep/2018 8:30 Updated: 27/Sep/2018 9:10

by Matt Porter


Epic Games have removed five items from Fortnite Battle Royale, as the game enters Season 6.

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With plenty of new additions coming to Fortnite with the Season 6 launch, Epic Games have decided to remove a number of weapons and items, including;

  • Impulse Grenades
  • Suppressed SMG
  • LMG
  • C4 Explosives
  • Bouncers. 

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Fans of the popular battle royale game will be sad to see Impulse Grenades head to the vault. The Impulse Grenade has been a staple of Fortnite for a long time, with players using it as an offensive tool to jump and take out enemies. The arrival of the Legendary Shockwave Grenade may have been the end for the classic item.


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Also entering the vault are Bouncers, which were only added to the game back in Season 4. Players are definitely upset about the removal of the item, with some fans on Reddit calling them “one of the best items this game has had”.

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Epic Games regularly vault items in an attempt at keeping the game fresh for players. It forces players to adapt to new weapon metas, not allowing any one strategy to take over the game for too long.

While items that have been vaulted are removed from the game for now, Epic Games always stress that they could make a return to the game in the future. 


There is some good news for fans of these vaulted items, as Epic Games have confirmed that they will all remain available in Playground mound.