Fortnite Season 6 map update – Images and breakdown of changes

Mike Kent

There have been some changes to Fortnite’s battle royale map in the Season 6 (Patch V6.0) update.

The map has evolved significantly over the course of the year that Fortnite has been released, with major changes being made during each major update. Epic Games have continued this theme with season 6, with new locations and changes to some of the fan favorite parts of the map. 

There isn’t however, as many changes as people expected.

Viking Village has finally been given the name, Viking Village, and remains located just south of Snobby Shores.

Loot Lake has been the subject to much discussion after ‘Kevin’ the purple Cube rolled in just a week prior to Season 6’s launch.

Instead of a giant purple bounce pad, Loot Lake now features a large floating island.