Epic Games could be planning $1 million Fortnite mobile tournament

Albert Petrosyan
Epic Games

Mobile players in Fortnite Battle Royale could soon have their own tournament, one that may feature a pretty massive prize pool, if speculation comes true.

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Epic Games splashing around large chunks of money on Fortnite tournaments has pretty much become the norm nowadays. 

Thanks to the record-setting levels of revenue that their prized battle royale has generated, they’ve been able to dedicate prize pools that haven’t really been seen before in esports. 

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Now, according to Complexity Gaming’s Director of Mobile Gaming Matt Rutledge, Epic could be planning a massive tournament just for mobile players, which would be the first of its kind in Fortnite.

“A $1 million Fortnite Mobile Cup could be coming soon,” he tweeted on July 17. “This is life changing money and fame. If you’re a mobile player, get on that hardcore grind now.” 

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Rutledge is right, the money and recognition that would come from winning a tournament of this magnitude and caliber would definitely classify as life-changing.

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While the mobile community in Fortnite isn’t as much in the spotlight as its PC and console counterparts, it does feature some extremely talented players, who have the ability to put on a show just as well as anyone else using a controller or mouse and keyboard.

The primary and most obvious concern, however, would be about players gaining a major advantage by using controller attachments on their mobile device, some of which are virtually undetectable.

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That in mind, Epic would likely have to devise some way to ensure that everyone is playing fair and square and directly on their device, without the assistance of third-party technology. 

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Tim Schofield - YouTubeThere is no doubt that some players will try to take advantage of mobile controllers during this reported Fortnite mobile tournament.
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It must be reiterated that the competition itself hasn’t been officially announced yet by Epic, so there’s a chance it may not even happen.

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CompLexity’s Matt Rutledge has since clarified that he was simply speculating, given the Xbox-only tournament just announced.

However, the possibility is certainly there, given Epic’s track record of running previous big-money tournaments, and their push to be as inclusive as possible.

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It wouldn’t even be the first event made exclusive to a singular platform; on July 17, Epic announced the $1 million Xbox Cup, which will be limited to those on the Xbox One console.

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This could kick-start a series of million-dollar tournaments for specific platforms, one of which could very well be mobile. 

Fortnite Xbox Cup – how does it work?

After having been leaked several days ahead of time, the Fortnite Xbox Cup was formally unveiled on July 17, as part of the v9.40 update that released on the same day.

Scheduled to be held July 20-21, the tournament will feature a $1 million prize pool that will be available to only those who play on the Xbox One. 

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Unlike previous in-game cash tournaments, the Xbox Cup will not require players to reach any specific division in Arena, but will involve a qualification round, from which the top 1500 players from around the world will advance to the second and final round. 

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