Epic Games Has Announced an Issue with Fortnite Match Wins on Console Platforms [UPDATED]

Albert Petrosyan


Fortnite has announced on Twitter that an update will be released on March 31st to fix the issue with wins not counting on console.

Epic Games has announced that there is an issue regarding Fortnite match wins on console platforms.

According to the Fortnite developers, there is a situation where Battle Royale match wins are not properly counting for those playing on the PS4 or Xbox One consoles.

This issue was announced on May 30th on the Epic Games status website, as well as the Fortnite Twitter page.

Identified – We’ve identified and are actively looking into a situation where Battle Royale match wins for console players are not reporting correctly. We will continue to provide updates as they are made available. 

This issue will strike very close to many of games vast player-base who consider wins as one of the incredibly important statistics that make up one’s Fortnite resume.

There are numerous statistic tracking websites, including the popular Fortnite Tracker, that players continually monitor to keep track of where they stand in the overall wins leaderboard.


At 3:54 PM PST, Fortnite announced additional information regarding the situation, including an impending fix that will be rolled out on May 31st at 1 AM PST / 4 AM EST.

It is not yet clear as to what was causing the issue, but Epic Games continues to prove itself to be a top level developer as it has once again provided a lightning quick response to an in-game problem with Fortnite.

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