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Drift0r is Trolling Fortnite Players Next to the Giant Purple Cube

Published: 30/Aug/2018 21:53 Updated: 31/Aug/2018 5:52

by Virginia Glaze


Popular gaming YouTuber ‘Drift0r’ has discovered a fun way to get kills in Fortnite using the game’s giant, purple cube.

An enormous cube has recently appeared in Fortnite, and has been slowly moving its way across the map. The cube possesses an array of odd properties, such as burning strange runes into the ground, making deep groaning noises, and even blasting players leagues away should they try to attack it.

Now, Drift0r has used the cube’s defensive abilities as a means to troll other players, after discovering that the cube has a startup delay on its defensive blast, meaning that a player can hit the cube and take cover before the blast has time to strike.

He showcased this trick in a video he posted on Twitter. In the video, Drift0r would hit the cube, take cover, and watch as the cube blasted the nearest player.

Drift0r stated that he learned of this trick “the hard way,” and revealed that players can also get kills using the method.

“I’ve been playing around with the Fortnite cube and learning how to get kills with it. This video is how I learned that hard way it it just targets the nearest player regardless of squad.”

By knocking players away, he could take advantage of their stunned state and closer proximity to eliminate his opponents. With the cube being such a draw, plenty of players are drawn to it – to their ultimate misfortune.

While the cube’s mystery remains unsolved, players can use Drift0r’s method to surprise unsuspecting players while the cube still stands – er, rolls.


Fortnite leak reveals more classic vehicles returning soon

Published: 16/Jan/2021 13:06

by Connor Bennett


A fresh Fortnite leak has hinted at the return of some classic vehicles, including the controversial Baller hamster ball and even the ATK Golf Cart. 

Back in Fortnite Season 4, Epic Games gave fans of the battle royale a new way to get around the island – a shopping cart. From there, the vehicles in Fortnite have only gotten bigger and better. 

Though, they haven’t been without controversy. The Baller, X-4 Stormwing, and Brute Mech were the source of much anger in the Fortnite community because of how powerful they were – with all three prompting exploits where players could easily win games without much legwork. 

In Fortnite Chapter 2, a number of different cars have been introduced. They’re not as whacky or powerful as the old vehicles, and while they are helpful, some players do yearn for the Shopping Cart and Quadcrasher’s returns. 

fortnite winter planes with characters on the wings
Epic Games
The controversial planes returned in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5.

Well, according to a handful of new leaks, players might be getting their wish after a few of the older vehicles were given a refresh in the v15.20 patch.

According to Fortnite leakers FNBRUnreleased and InTheShadeYT, the Baller, Hoverboard, and ATK Golf Cart were all updated in the recent patch.

“Ballers and Hoverboard have been also updated! We may see them making a return soon,” FNBRUnreleased posted, while noting that the textures for the ATK Golf Cart were also refreshed. However, there doesn’t seem to be much of a change from the way the ATK’s used to look. 

There’s nothing mentioned about when exactly the vehicles could return, but it does seem possible that they could appear in this season. We got the Stormwings back over the holiday period, after all. 

Until we see them in-game though, it is worth noting that nothing is confirmed. Epic might have plans to bring them back, but scrap them based on something else that happens – say, they’re not compatible with another item. So, let’s just wait and see.