Dr Lupo pulls off an absurd quick scope while playing Fortnite with Ninja

Benjamin ‘Dr Lupo’ Lupo pulled off an insane quickscope while in a duo match with Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins.

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Down to the top five, Lupo noticed a player trying to glide into his spot and he wasn’t having it.

The player was pretty close and Lupo was in danger but that didn’t stop him from going for the highlight clip with a nasty quickscope.

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In an instant, he wheeled around and got the perfect headshot on a player who was turning on their glide, one of the hardest times to connect a shot.

His reaction said everything you need to know about how hyped he was to pull this shot off.

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While the gliders have been called out for being annoying during the Fortnite cycle, no one can deny that they produce great clips.

As always, Epic has the tough challenge of balancing mechanics that create awesome highlights like this one, with mechanics that feel unfun to play against.

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The best solution is constant adaptation, something Epic has been good about and was on full display during the explosion damage debacle.

Compared to many developers, the ability to own mistakes is often rarer than it should be.