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CouRage and DrLupo to Commentate on $1.5 million PAX West Fortnite Tournament

Published: 29/Aug/2018 15:27 Updated: 29/Aug/2018 16:01

by Ross Deason


CouRage and DrLupo have announced that they will be heading to PAX West this weekend to commentate on the highly anticipated Fortnite Summer Skirmish event.

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OpTic Gaming’s content creator, Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop released a statement on Twitter, saying:

“Couldn’t be more excited to announce I’ll be heading to my first ever PAX event this weekend to commentate the $1.5 million Fortnite Summer Skirmish event!

Can’t wait to see it all unfold. LET’S GOOOOOOOO!”

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This was followed shortly after by a statement from DrLupo, who said:

“If you’re heading to PAX West, expect to see me there – casting the final week of #SummerSkirmish along side CouRage!

So freaking excited. Multiple days of competition. $1.5 million on the line.”

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Having made his name as a Call of Duty commentator for MLG and the CWL, CouRage hung up his casting microphone and suits in March of 2018.

The 24-year-old joined OpTic Gaming as a content creator shortly after (meaning he still spends most of his time in front of a mic but doesn’t have to dress as nicely!) and has quickly become one of the organization’s most popular streamers with his regular Fortnite content.


DrLupo, another Twitch streamer with a massive following, has also been one of the faces of Fortnite Battle Royale since its explosion in popularity.

He has commentated on competitive Fortnite alongside CouRage on a number of occasions, so this is a proven duo.

As an experienced esports commentator and huge Fortnite fan, CouRage is the perfect candidate for providing coverage of events like the Summer Skirmish tournament at PAX West.

The $1.5 million Summer Skirmish competition, which will be open for PAX West attendees to sign up for, was announced earlier this month and will run from August 31 until September 3. 

The final Summer Skirmish event of the year will feature a 3-Stage Solo event with players earning points at the end of each stage. First place will take home $225,000 but even the players finishing 21st-100th will secure themselves a cool $5,000.