Clix calls for Fortnite to delete Season 3 sharks after DreamHack loss

Brad Norton
Fortnite pro Clix / Fortnite Season 3 sharks

[jwplayer ESyDssxd]Cody ‘Clix’ Conrad lashed out on the state of Fortnite Season 3 after dying in the most unfortunate way during a round of the $1.7 million Dreamhack Online Open. 

Clix has rapidly become one of the most popular North American Fortnite players in 2020. He even signed to NRG with an epic announcement from none other than NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal. Despite the fame, however, the Fortnite star has jokingly threatened to quit the game due to recent additions in Season 3.

Epic Games not only dipped most of Fortnite’s map underwater with the Season 3 update, but a ton of new weapons, items, and mechanics also came into play. One of the biggest additions being loot sharks that appear at random to damage players and builds alike.

While these sharks can be used as a means of getting around the map, they come with a surprising function. Dropping loot nearby can often be gobbled up as the sharks change color to match its rarity. Clix encountered this at the worst possible moment during the latest competitive event.

A few games into the Solo Finals of the first DreamHack Online Open, Clix found himself in a sticky situation. Far from the safety of the zone, he was in the midst of a heated build-fight before closing out the kill. Things spiralled out of control from this point forward, however.

When you down an enemy from a close range, you typically look to grab their loot almost instantly. Clix was in desperate need of building materials, so those were top of his loot-list.

Before he had a chance to grab the loot it had fallen to the ground below. He might still have had time to grab it and make his way back to safety, except a random shark appeared and swallowed up the building materials.

“Good f***ing game,” he repeated until his character was wiped out of the lobby. “I’m deada** not playing this s*** anymore. They added a shark that eats f***ing loot,” he yelled in frustration.

Fortnite Season 3 riding sharks
Sharks are scattered across the Season 3 map in Fortnite.

While he had a few other games to improve his standings in the event, this loss certainly cost him in the long run. Clix ultimately finished in 41st place out of the 100 pros involved in the online tournament.

He’s not the first competitive veteran to slam Fortnite’s third season either. Plenty of other pros have slammed the latest major update; Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney even went as far as to call it “unplayable” recently too.