Chinese Fortnite Players Receive Exclusive Cosmetics

Ross Deason. Last updated: Aug 22, 2018
Epic Games

It has been confirmed that the Pointer and Power Grip pickaxes that were leaked shortly after the release of Fortnite’s V5.0 update will be exclusive for Chinese players.

The two harvesting tools were leaked just after the beginning of Season 5 but nothing has been seen of them since.

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Now a Reddit post from /u/wildwind98 has revealed that players in most regions will not be able to get their hands on them as they will be China-exclusive.

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It is worth noting that Chinese players are unable to purchase V-bucks or Twitch Prime packs so their ability to get their hands on most items is far more limited than other regions.

The cosmetic items are available for free in China and appear to now be live in-game.

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However, Tencent, the provider of Fortnite in China, does give all Chinese players each season’s Battlepass for free.

While the Pointer and Power Grip pickaxes are unlikely to be available in any other regions in the near future, it is possible that they could be at a later date.

Pointer Pickaxe


Power Grip Pickaxe