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Broken Fortnite exploit gives players unlimited Marvel hero abilities

Published: 3/Sep/2020 6:47

by Andrew Amos


The new Marvel hero abilities modeled after characters like Doctor Doom and Silver Surfer have taken players by storm in Season 4. They are exceptionally strong, however, a new exploit has made them even stronger ⁠— by giving players unlimited access to them.

As part of Fortnite’s Nexus War Season 4 event, Epic introduced a number of Marvel hero themed abilities into the game. From Doctor Doom’s Mystical Bomb to Groot’s Bramble Shield, every character is getting some sort of item in the game.

While some haven’t been added yet, players are already making use of the ones that are. The abilities are already pretty strong, forcing Epic to gate them behind a cooldown so they can only be used every 15 seconds or so.


All the Fortnite Marvel skins in Season 4 in game
Epic Games
Eventually, every new Marvel character will have abilities in Fortnite Season 4.

However, players have already found a workaround that gives them infinite charges ⁠— just sharing the items. While such an exploit won’t work in solos, in duos, trios, or squads, you can easily get access to unlimited charges of the Marvel abilities.

The cooldown for the abilities are attached to the players, not the items themselves. This means you can use it, pass to your squadmate, then pass it on again. Once it cycles back the original user, it should be off cooldown already.

Pro players like Clix, MackWood, and Calc are already abusing the strat in pro scrims and public lobbies. The items are all available in competitive play, which means come FNCS and other tournaments, it’s likely such sharing will become more prominent.


In case it wasn’t clear enough, here’s exactly how you can replicate the ‘exploit’ to remove the cooldown:

  1. Find one of the mythic Marvel items
  2. Let one squadmate use it
  3. Drop it so another squadmate can pick it up
  4. That squadmate should be able to use the Marvel item instantly with no cooldown
  5. Keep cycling between your squad to get unlimited abilities

Obviously, such a broken mechanic probably shouldn’t fly in competitive play, or even regular play. It could be that such a tactic is unintentional. If so, Epic is probably looking into a fix. However, Epic haven’t commented on changing the cooldown or nerfing the items.

Segment begins at 4:12.

As more of the mythic Marvel items get added into the game, it’s only going to be more likely this abuse becomes a center-piece of how to play in Season 4. There’s still items like Thor’s Mjolnir hammer and Iron Man’s suit waiting to be added, according to dataminers.


If you have some friends you are queuing up in Season 4 with, be sure to abuse this tactic while it lasts. If not, you could just face off against someone else who is, and you’ll be at a disadvantage almost immediately.