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Boston College Football Team Celebrates by Doing Ninja’s Pon Pon Dance

Published: 22/Aug/2018 18:30 Updated: 22/Aug/2018 18:31

by DG Goldstein


The popularity of Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has reached college football in a hilarious way.

Especailly over the course of 2018, Ninja has become a household name for his growth in the streaming and online content creation community.

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His signature ‘Pon Pon’ dance that he performs on stream has been imitated a number of times by fans, and has now made it to college football with the help of the Boston College football team.

Following the end of their summer practice, the entire team celebrated by doing the Pon Pon dance in the locker room to pay homage to the Fortnite streamer.


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The full clip can be viewed below from @StratchAnimal on Twitter.

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Word eventually got back to Ninja, who expressed his love for the team’s dedication with a simple tweet which racked-up over 15,000 ‘Likes.’