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All chest locations on Fortnite map in Season 7

Published: 24/Dec/2018 15:05 Updated: 24/Dec/2018 15:38

by David Purcell


A fan has recorded the location of every chest on Fortnite and produced a map, which should allow players to distinguish which places are better to drop at than others. 

The customized map, which was posted to Reddit by user Z444Z, logs the amount of chests you can find in each key destination on Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode. 

By looking at the map, you can also see where chests are located in some of the more obscure places to drop, i.e. places which are not named. 

Z444Z, RedditFortnite fan created map, showing how many chests can be found in different places.

The Reddit user created the map to help people out when deciding where to drop and to give them an idea of the chances that they will find good loot when they arrive. 


After all, there’s nothing worse than dropping somewhere and not finding anything worthwhile. It just puts yourself at a disadvantage. 

By showing the number of chests in red, we can easily see which places would be really good to drop at and which will be less effective.. 

The map shows that Tilted Towers is the most populated area for chests with a total of 35 – according to Z444Z – with Happy Hamlet not far behind with 26, while Salty Springs and Frosty Flights are the joint third most populated chest locations with 20 each.

Epic Games‘The Block’ as it looked before Fortnite fan creations started to be added to the area.

You might have noticed that The Block has been labelled with a question mark instead of a number, which is because its design is set to change a lot throughout Season 7. 


Nevertheless, this should be a useful tool for the Fortnite players who choose to use it and shows just why so many people choose to drop at several locations across the map.