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Absurd Fortnite glitch leaves games running forever with no storm

Published: 2/Jun/2020 8:37

by Brad Norton


Fortnite’s storm is essential at grouping players together and forcing gunfights, but a new glitch is revealing what the popular battle royale would look like if the storm never rolled in at all.

Since its inception, the 100 player mode has always forced players together as the safe section of the map gradually shrinks away. However, a ridiculous new bug has left Fortnite players stranded on the Chapter 2 map with no storm in sight. 

This one in a million issue revealed an entirely new side of Fortnite. Here’s how things unfolded without a storm closing in around the map.


Epic Games
Players could theoretically live forever without a storm to wipe them out in Fortnite.

In the midst of a June 1 session, Reddit user ‘woofblah’ noticed something out of the ordinary upon loading into a new match.

There was no storm to be seen and no circle on the full map. Even at the furthest boundaries, the full playable space was safe from any kind of damaging storm.

As a result, it took them “an hour” of searching and wandering for other players before they eventually gave up.

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Epic Games
The full map appeared without a storm in sight.

“The clock ticked down and stayed at 0:00, without a single storm zone spawning,” they explained. With the entire map free to explore, players could go wherever they liked and loot every POI at will.


Unfortunately, this freedom comes with its own downsides. Enemies could sit and hide away forever without needing to change location due to the storm. This essentially resulted in a never-ending game of hide and seek.

After a good amount of time had passed, and the final remaining player remained hidden, woofblah “gave up” and called it a day. Leaving the glitched lobby behind and handing the victory to the camper.

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Comment from discussion No Storm Glitch?.

With the current season winding down, unexpected changes to the storm have already been discovered in the latest patch. There’s a good chance that this particular occurrence is just a one-off, however.


Keep your eyes peeled as you next drop into Fortnite, you never know when a bugged lobby might pop up.