What is Starry Soda? Sierra Mist replacement explained

Lauren Lewis
Starry SodaPepsiCo

New release from Pepsi, Starry Soda, which made its debut in 2023, has really got people talking, but is it actually a replacement for Sierra Mist?

Starry Soda is a beverage released by Pepsi as a replacement for their former beverage called Sierra Mist.

It’s caffeine free, and is flavored with both lemon and lime. The new drink instantly caused a stir, as Sierra Mist has been a staple of the brand for years. It was first introduced way back in 1999, and briefly underwent a name change to Mist Twist.

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Now, the brand has decided to shake things up with their catchy Starry Soda. 

Person drinking Starry SodaPepsiCo

What’s the difference between Starry Soda and Sierra Mist?

So, is there really a difference between Starry Soda and Sierra Mist, apart from their names? Well, Starry Soda is sweetened with high fructose corn syrup, while Sierra Mist was produced with real sugar. 

The target audience for the beverage appears to be the younger generation, as the brand announced that the drink was designed “for a generation of irreverent optimists.”

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If you’re curious, and want to compare the beverages yourself, then you’re in luck, as Starry Soda is being sold in stores across the USA. 

Is Starry Soda the same as Sprite? 

Despite both lemon flavors at their base, Starry Soda is known for having a more citrusy flavor than Sprite.

Is Starry Soda owned by Coca Cola? 

No, Starry Soda is owned by PepsiCo.

Does Sierra Mist still exist? 

If you’re wondering if you can still pick up a can of Sierra Mist, you’ll be disappointed, as Starry Soda has completely replaced its predecessor as of 2023.

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