Wendy’s unveils all new french onion burger but it’s not easy to get 

Lauren Lewis
French onion burger

Wendy’s has announced that they’re releasing a new french onion-themed burger for fans to enjoy, but it’s not actually that easy to get one yourself.

Wendy’s, whose motto reads, “quality is our recipe,” has announced the arrival of a brand new burger on menus. 

The popular fast food chain will unveil a french onion burger for fans to chow down on, but unfortunately, you might struggle to sample this new culinary delight. 

That’s because it’s only currently available in Canada, where it’s only being sold for a limited time.

The new burger in question features a quarter-pound of fresh, never-frozen Canadian beef, two slices of cheese, caramelized onions, crispy onions, and a seasoned mayo sauce.

If you want to order this new burger, you can opt for a single beef patty, double, or a triple of the signature beef patties. 

This isn’t the first time international food items have made fast food fans crave, as McDonald’s India announced that they’d be collaborating with Lotus Biscoff to create a brand new drink and McFlurry.

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