TikToker convinced he’ll get free Porsche if he eats Chipotle every single day

Maddy Kinkead
TikToker who eats Chipotle every day.

A TikToker has vowed to eat Chipotle for 1,000 days straight in the hopes that Chipotle will buy him his dream car.

Dillon Wareham, an Alabama-based TikToker, started eating Chipotle every day back in December 2021. He said that this feat started when he was wondering what type of TikTok content to make, and thought since he already ate at Chipotle three to five times a week, he should see if he was able to eat it every day for a year.

Wareham, who usually posted workout TikToks, originally set out to only eat Chipotle for 365 days in the hopes that he would get a Chipotle VIP card.

He garnered plenty of fans from his pursuits and filmed a TikTok every day documenting his order and answering fan questions. However, it wasn’t until day 365 that Chipotle paid him any attention.

Chipotle challenged Wareham to do 1,000 days

In a recent TikTok, where Wareham updated his fans on his progress, he shared that after day 365, Chipotle liked his video, sent him a $250 gift card, and “personally challenged” him to do it for 1,000 days. He says that Chipotle probably thought he wasn’t going to do it, but that he “doesn’t back down from a challenge.”

Wareham took Chipotle up on their offer and posted a TikTok asking if he made it to 1,000 days, would Chipotle buy him his dream car. To his surprise, Chipotle commented on the video saying: “We’ll see.”

Since then, the TikToker has been pretty confident that if he gets more views and followers, they will buy him a car as he is doing free advertising for the fast food chain. He described the chances as, “40/60, like when your Mom says no, but there’s still a chance.”

Wareham is so hopeful, in fact, that he has made a TikTok detailing what he would like the car to look like:

Now on day 852, with less than 150 to go, Dillon is getting close to that finish line and is so dedicated that he even snuck Chipotle bowls onto a week-long cruise and has spent three birthdays eating Chipotle.

With Wareham’s usual order of a chicken bowl with a large side of guac costing about $16, he has spent around $17,000 on Chipotle.

Porsches start at $300,000, so he has a bit to go before he and Chipotle are even. However, lots of fans in the comments have said that his videos make them want to eat at Chipotle, so who knows how much money he has really made for the Mexican fast-food chain.