Starbucks release bizarre pork-flavored latte

Lauren Lewis
Starbucks pork latte

Starbucks China announced that they would be unveiling a bizarre new item in 2024 – pork-flavored coffee. 

You read that correctly – in celebration of Lunar New Year, an unusual new savory treat is being released by the popular coffee chain, Starbucks.

This unusual ingredient will feature both as the garnish and as a sauce in the brand’s classic lattes.

Formally named the “Abundant Year Savory Latte” or “Lucky Savory Latte”, they will cost approximately 68 yuan, or $9.45.

Will Starbucks pork latte be available in the US?

You might be wondering if the drink will be making its way over to the US, however, as it stands, this savory beverage will only be released in China.

The coffee is meant to be “integrated with traditional (Chinese) New Year customs,” hence why it’s only being introduced in this particular region.

Starbucks claim the coffee is a combination of espresso and “Dongpo pork” sauce, which is a braised pork named after a famous 11th-century poet. It is then topped with steamed milk, before having pork sauce poured over the top. 

We’re not sure if we’d be brave enough to try this new and unusual combination, but we sure are curious about what it tastes like.

This isn’t the first time we’ve witnessed exciting international Starbucks releases. In November the brand brought a Cotton Sky Yogurt Blended Drink to Japan.

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