DoorDash driver baffled after receiving McDonald’s order for single salt packet

Lauren Lewis
DoorDashUnsplash: marques thomas

A DoorDash driver was left baffled after they read a very unusual order from a McDonald’s customer, who simply wanted a solitary packet of salt.

We’ve had some pretty crazy scenarios pop up between delivery drivers and customers. In January, Wingstop customers were forced to cancel their order after being told their driver was 84 minutes away, traveling by foot.

Now, yet another confusing scenario, as a DoorDash driver clocked an unusual delivery request from a McDonald’s customer. 

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We can see the order on the screen – for a single packet of salt. 

People weigh in on baffling McDonald’s DoorDash request

After the video was posted on TikTok, people were eager to weigh in with their thoughts.

“I’m crying – who needed salt that bad?” one confused viewer asked. “Prolly like 8 bucks in delivery fees too,” another speculated. 

Many fast food workers said they had received similar delivery requests in the past, writing: “There used to be someone to ordered one sweet n’ sour cup, so for fun we would put it in the smallest container and go up to the large delivery bags.”

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“Someone ordered just a syrup packet once and I filled the bag with a hand full of it.”

One questioned the DoorDash driver’s behavior, asking: “Why would you not call the customer at least to verify?”

This may very well be the case, as a similar situation had happened to another user on the platform: “I legit accidentally ordered 10 hot sauce packets from Taco Bell last week and it was $6.”

Another DoorDash worker went viral, after they decided to eat a customer’s takeout when they failed to tip.

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