Why FFXIV’s newest feature makes it the perfect single-player MMO

Liam Ho
FFXIV MSQ with multiple classesSquare Enix

Final Fantasy XIV’s recently completed duty support feature has made the game one of the most perfect single-player MMO experiences on the market, allowing you to complete the story without needing to constantly interact with other players.

MMORPGs can be some of the toughest games to get into for new players. Whether that be due to the several years of catching up, the multitude of systems to wrap your head around, or the tough grinds players have to undergo, even jumping into the genre can seem like a monumental task for some.

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Fortunately for Square Enix’s MMO Final Fantasy XIV, the game is built for easy entry into the genre, taking players through a story first and into the MMO afterward.

Patch 6.5 for Final Fantasy XIV signified the completion of the Duty Support system, a new feature that allows players to enter dungeons with other NPCs, avoiding the need for other players. This means you could in theory complete most of the story of FFXIV without having to interact with other users if you prefer.

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FFXIV Duty SupportSquare Enix
Duty Support is available for Final Fantasy XIV and all four of its current expansions.

Of course, this feature is entirely optional, and players are still able to queue up with others in order to complete content together. But with Final Fantasy XIV’s focus on delivering its fantastical and emotional story, players are still able to experience the game’s plot.

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This is a perfect feature for players who may feel anxious when dealing with others online, or those who are learning the game and don’t feel confident enough to play with others yet.

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Duty Support is also a great addition for lore lovers, as the support NPCs you complete the dungeon with will comment on various aspects of the dungeon.

FFXIV The Burn MSQ Dungeon with Duty SupportSquare Enix
Final Fantasy XIV’s Duty Support allows players to complete story dungeons with just NPCs.

Once a player completes all dungeons for that expansion, they’ll unlock the Trust system, which allows you to replay the dungeons with your favorite NPCs from the story, who will also have their own opinions to share.

Players are able to pick up Final Fantasy XIV through its expansive free trial, which includes the base game of A Realm Reborn, and expansions Heavensward and Stormblood. The trial also allows players to pick up 5 extra classes and has no restriction on the amount of hours played.

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