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Final Fantasy

Twitch streamer Esfand speechless after perplexing fail in FFVII Remake

Published: 14/Apr/2020 17:09

by Michael Gwilliam


Twitch star Esfand was eager to finish up his playthrough of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, but a brutal misclick put his adventure in Midgar on hold.

While in the PlayStation 4 menus, the Twitch streamer began to view the game’s options and accidentally selected “delete” as he continued to chat with his viewers.

With his eyes elsewhere, the streamer confirmed the deletion of the game and didn’t even realize it until it was too late.

Square Enix
The Final Fantasy stream nearly died.

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“Wait, did I just delete it?!” he gasped. “Wait, what? I was trying to reopen it. Wait, what? No!”

According to the streamer, he was reading chat and was too distracted to realize what he was doing. “No way!” he cried out.


A few minutes later, Esfand found himself redownloading the long-awaited Square Enix title when he elaborated on the situation, having cooled down.

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“I gotta admit, it’s kinda funny,” he laughed. “So, here’s what I thought. I thought whenever I clicked this [options on the PS4 menu] I thought I was closing out the game. My brain was set. Cause I already had the game open and I wanted to start the cut scene over.”

“In my brain, it was like ‘are you sure you want to close out the game’,” Esfand explained, “For some reason, I read ‘delete’ and I thought close.”


Once the game finally finished redownloading, Esfand was concerned about the state of his progress and if it had been deleted too.

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“I’m so worried,” he said as the game booted up. While the “continue” button was grayed out, the streamer was relieved after he saw he was able to load his last save.

The ecstatic streamer jumped out of his chair with glee knowing he didn’t have to start the game over from the beginning after investing over thirty-five hours.

Amusingly, the game still had a bit more to install, so while he wanted to jump right back into the action, he had to wait for the game to finish reinstalling.


Still, despite such an unfortunate mistake, the streamer was able to pick up where he left off and avoided certain disaster.