FFXIV director explains why players shouldn’t skip optional story before Patch 6.5

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Final Fantasy XIV director Naoki Yoshida has explained why players shouldn’t skip the optional story questlines before we hit Patch 6.5, Growing Light.

Final Fantasy XIV is hurtling its way towards the end of the Endwalker after patches. Patch 6.5, aka Growing Light, will be dropping on October 3, 2023, and will bring a bunch of new content for players to enjoy. This includes the brand new alliance raid Thaleia, the new dungeon The Lunar Subterrane, and the new trial The Abyssal Fracture.

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On top of all this Patch 6.5 will also introduce new story quests leading up to the launch of the 7.0 expansion Dawntrail. As detailed in the recent live letter held at the Tokyo Game Show, it was revealed that we’d be returning to the First in Patch 6.5.

Director of FFXIV Naoki Yoshida has revealed in a recent interview with Japanese website Dengeki Online that certain optional stories will become more relevant in Patch 6.5, as certain familiar faces will return and feature in the main story.

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While some stories are optional in FFXIV, not all should be brushed aside.

FFXIV director recommends completing optional content before Patch 6.5

Those who have completed the optional stories of either The Warring Triad or the Eden Raid series will have their dialogue adjusted in a “very detailed way” which will change the content for those who have and have not played the quests.

“We’ve adjusted the dialogue in a very detailed way, changing the content slightly for those who played their quests and those who have not. We are doing that again this time, and I think those who have played the side story about them will feel a connection.” the director said.

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“It is a little more in-depth than usual, and the cutscenes and dialogue change as you complete them, including the Eden story. This story is easier to get into now that the “New Game+” allows you to experience it. If you are interested in this, we recommend that you complete the side stories of “The Warring Triad” and “Eden” before the release of Patch 6.5.”

Players are able to access the Warring Triad quests once they complete Heavensward, and are able to partake in the Eden raid series after finishing Shadowbringers.

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