FFXIV players are captivated by “adorable” new Garland mount

Liam Ho
Final Fantasy XIV Garlond Mount

Final Fantasy XIV players have been absolutely captivated by the newest Garlond GL-IS mount, featuring the “adorable” Alpha.

Final Fantasy XIV has some of the best characters in an MMO. The story-focused title allows players to really connect with the characters in the world and the slower-paced storytelling allows for bigger payoffs in the end. It’s not uncommon for players to have emotional reactions to the game’s many twists and turns.

With players growing so attached to the world and characters in FFXIV, Square Enix is quick to give players memorabilia in the form of in-game items. Whether that be mounts, fashion items, or furniture, players love to remember the challenges and triumphs of the game’s lengthy story.

The newest mount added to Final Fantasy XIV has players absolutely captivated. The Garlond GL-IS mount features one of the community’s favorite characters Alpha, which players are already loving.

The two-seater mount is available for purchase on the Mogstation, Final Fantasy XIV’s online store. Despite the price, players seem more than willing to grab the new mount due to its adorable nature.

“I can’t wait for this to drop” one player commented. “So adorable,” another added.

However, not everyone is particularly happy about this mount, mainly due to it being only available in the store.

“Another cash grab that should have been obtainable through playing the game,” a user disappointedly stated.

The mount costs around $33 USD on the Mogstation, which is typical of mounts, especially those that can carry more than one player. The Garland GL-IS does also have the added benefit of moving slightly faster in zones players have not fully unlocked.

Despite the bit of controversy surrounding the mount at launch, it’s no doubt it’ll be a welcomed addition to the game for most players.