FFXIV player strikes back to reclaim world record just 24 hours after it was broken

Liam Ho
Kugane in Final Fantasy XIV

A Final Fantasy XIV player has struck back against the YouTuber Pint, reclaiming their title for the fastest Kugane Tower speedrun just 24 hours after they beat it.

Final Fantasy XIV hosts a wealth of content for players to explore and complete. Not only is there a ridiculously lengthy main scenario questline for players to finish (and cry through), the game has so much more to keep players coming back. This includes casual content like gambling for MGP at the Golden Saucer, creating your very own Island Sanctuary or even becoming a homeowner. On the opposite end, there’s hardcore raiding that will challenge players’ strategy, mind, and teamwork in order to grab the best-looking loot around.

There is one form of content that is often overlooked by the player base, however, and that’s the game’s most difficult jumping puzzle. Kugane Tower was released back in the Stormblood expansion. The dock of the main city Kugane holds a tower of massive proportion, with jumps that can easily lead to your downfall if you’re not careful.

This makes players who attempt to speed run the tower even more insane, as YouTuber Pint discovered. Pint made it their mission to speed run the tower in the fastest time possible and uncovered the player Emo_0ticon, whose original record they managed to beat after months and months of practice. Unfortunately for Pint, Emo_0ticon was one to lose their title sitting down, and quite literally claimed it back only one day after it was broken.

Final Fantasy XIV speed runner reclaims world record for Kugane Tower

Emo_0ticon came sprinting back with a 38-second speed run of the Kugane tower, absolutely demolishing Pint’s 43-second run. The video has since gathered over 61 thousand views, with players all over the world tuning in to see Emo_0ticon’s triumph.

Funnily enough, Pint actually discovered that Emo was originally named Pydoyks or Shaeden, and was a legendary speedrunner of both Super Mario Odyssey and Zelda: Ocarina of Time before mysteriously vanishing.

Pint wasn’t too upset about their defeat, however, complimenting Emo for their ungodly talents at speedrunning the tower.

Pint Twitter Speedrun

As of the time of writing, Emo’s run has yet to be beaten, but it’ll only take time for a new gamer to take on the challenge.

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