FFXIV Online community disappointed with Job Quests snub in Endwalker

ffxiv-online-endwalker-jobs-community-dissapointedSquare Enix

The Final Fantasy XIV Online community is “disappointed” with Square Enix’s decision to not include more  Job Quests past Level 80 in Endwalker, venting about it on social media.

Final Fantasy XIV Online’s Director and Producer, Naoki Yoshida, dove into everything coming in Endwalker during a presentation on November 6. He talked about new quests, trials, dungeons, a new PvP mode, and more.

The community was thrilled, for the most part.

But one thing that stuck out like a sore thumb was the confirmation that there would be no Level 90 Job Quests — giving players a bit more end-game content for their favorite classes.

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FFXIV Endwalker new job SageSquare Enix
FFXIV Online developers revealed there will be no new Job Quests in Endwalker.

FFXIV players expressed their disappointment on social media following the reveal.

“No more job quests is disappointing. It does make sense given that the endings were pretty conclusive, but I wanted to see some of those characters again,” wrote one player.

“I’m sad there are no job story quests. Felt like some of them still had some stuff they could do. Maybe they’ll add them in a future patch that will fit the story better, though,” wrote another.

A third player described the omission as a “bummer.” They explained that the job quests were a “good source of lore particular to our disciplines and the world history.”

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It wasn’t all doom and gloom, though. Some players were more optimistic about the decision.

“I hope this just means that some of the side characters in the Job quests will show up in the new Role quests,” wrote one player.

“Job quests ending at 80 makes sense,” wrote another.

They explained that Scholar and Dark Knight had “fantastic” conclusions. Other players added that most jobs ended well, although admitting some were left “open-ended.”

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker was originally supposed to release on November 23.

However, Yoshida decided to push it back until December 7, claiming he wanted to improve quality and stability ahead of launch.

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The community was disappointed about that, too. However, the consensus was that its “better functional than punctual.”