Disney claims New Mutants trailer leak is fake despite new footage

Tanner Pierce
The New Mutants

[jwplayer eoou6fQ7]Disney has moved swiftly to debunk potentially leaked footage of the New Mutants movie, claiming that somebody else made it – not them. 

The New Mutants, the last 20th Century Fox-produced X-Men movie that was created before Disney’s acquisition of the company, has not had an easy life, to say the least. 

The film was originally shot in 2017 and was supposed to hit theaters in 2018. However, the movie was delayed an excruciating number of times, to the point where it is now officially scheduled to release on August 28, 2020.

That new date was called into question, though, when a new leaked trailer was released, which seemed to claim that the movie was releasing via Disney Plus on September 4, 2020.

It would make sense that Disney may hope to release the movie on their own streaming service, considering that it seems like it will be a while before theaters open back up, given the current global health situation. 

The official poster for The New Mutants.

Right after the trailer was leaked, however, Disney sent statements to multiple outlets and industry insiders, claiming that the teaser was fan-made. While this might make sense initially, considering people make fan-made trailers all the time, multiple commenters have pointed out that the trailer includes new footage of the project. 


If it’s true that the trailer includes fresh footage, one of two things is happening: Either someone has access to Disney recordings and did put together a fan-made trailer using that, or this is real, and Disney is trying to plug the leaks as quickly as they can.

Given the fact that The New Mutants is the only Marvel movie set to appear at Comic-Con@Home on July 23, some people are speculating that this announcement was set to release during that panel. 

Whether or not this is actually a genuine trailer and not a fan-made version remains to be seen. The only way we’ll find out, really, is when Disney decides to give us another look at New Mutants – which won’t be too long from now.