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Tributes pour in after 25-year-old FIFA 21 streamer passes away in accident

Published: 5/Apr/2021 17:20

by David Purcell


A FIFA 21 streamer based in North America has passed away after reportedly being involved in an accident. 

Chris Kusunoki, based out of San Diego, California, was a popular Twitch streamer and content creator on YouTube. Competing regularly in the competitive FUT Champions Weekend League game mode, fans could catch his streams regularly on Twitch, where his channel racked up over 3,000 followers.

Unfortunately, though, we now know his most recent broadcast on March 30 was to be his last.

The 25-year-old’s passing was confirmed on April 5, as friends and family took to social media to express their condolences. According to one source, pro player Alekzandur, he died on Friday, April 2.


Tributes to streamer Chris Kusunoki

In a TwitLonger message, a friend of his – Mariano – posted a tribute to Kusonoki.

He said: “One of my best friends I’ve made in my short time playing FIFA, a real one and a great guy, Chris stole the hearts of those he knew.

“He always knew how to cheer someone up if they were down and was always down to chill and talk about anything. Making others happy was important to him, and he always wanted to stream. It made him happy to make others happy and the motivation it gave him to grind reflected in his attitude.”


This is just one of the many tributes posted online since his passing. Players have also been sharing many of his best moments on FIFA, seen in a Twitch compilation put together by ogdurgy.

Mariano added: “I will never forget you Chris, you will always be alive in my heart and memories, and the impact you left on and on others will forever be something to cherish. I know that you’re looking down on us smiling knowing that the impact you left on the people you met meant everything.”

FIFA 21 pro responds

FIFA Esports athlete Alekzandur, who took part in the eMLS Cup in March, also posted a message on April 5.


In his tweet, he said: “He was such an active member of this community, especially in NA, it really feels he deserves to be remembered by us.

“I pray for his family and close friends who knew him on a personal level through something as difficult as this. I hope it can bring some peace to them knowing that not a single soul in this entire community would’ve had anything but beautiful things to say about him.”

More tributes

The sad news has brought much of the FIFA community together, with an outpouring of love appearing on Twitter timelines to honor his legacy.


On behalf of the Dexerto team, our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends at this difficult time.