Strange FIFA 20 bug makes Mason Greenwood look very different

Mason Greenwood in FIFA 20EA SPORTS

Another very weird bug has been discovered in FIFA 20, replacing the Mason Greenwood Manchester United fans know and love with a completely different player. 

The young striker has grown in popularity significantly during the course of the 2019-2020 Premier League season, hitting the back of the net on five occasions for the Red Devils.

Just like any other game, the FIFA series has had a number of in-game bugs – particularly in Career Mode for the 2020 iteration – which previously included an error that forced AI teams to field much weaker lineups than you would expect. This new one, though, might be the strangest of them all.

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Old Trafford in FIFA 20EA SPORTS
New FIFA 20 bug forces a different Greenwood to walk out at Old Trafford.

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Playing with his in-game character might be a little harder than expected due to a new issue, which has been revealed by Reddit user BurntSync.

Posting to the FIFA subreddit, the Redditor appears to have uncovered an issue in FIFA 20 that sees Mason Greenwood replaced by a footballer from the women’s team, Alex Greenwood.

“I’m honored to be transferred to a team with the first female striker,” they said, sharing an image of the player passing around at Old Trafford during a match against one of their age-old rivals, Arsenal.

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It’s unclear as to whether or not this is a more widespread problem, or just impacting Greenwood in-game, with potentially an error in coding between two players with the same name.

Women players are included in FIFA 20, of course, though they are not available in either Career Mode or Ultimate Team. You can play with national teams in other offline modes, but there’s no chance one should be taking to the field in this way.

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This, of course, isn’t the only bug to have been found in FIFA 20 in recent times, with some preventing rewards for Ultimate Team players, and another odd one turning Loris Karius into a pitch invader.

A positive to take from the situation, however, is Alex has a better overall rating than Mason – 78 base rating compared to his 67. Which would you rather play with? Let us know on Twitter by tweeting us @UltimateTeamUK. 

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