Crazy FIFA 20 bug turns Loris Karius into a pitch invader

Karius glitch in FIFA 20EA SPORTS

A hilarious FIFA 20 bug that causes Loris Karius to invade matches he shouldn’t be playing in has been discovered in Career Mode. 

The latest installment of the FIFA series had a rough start where Career was concerned, having been glitched since the days of Early Access with an issue that saw AI teams field much weaker starting XIs than they had available. This turned many away from the offline mode for some time, until a fix was eventually rolled out.

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Now, another bug has been found and it’s much stranger than anything we have seen before. In fact, it’s actually very comical.

Jurgen Klopp’s team loaned Karius out to Besiktas in 2018 and the keeper hasn’t yet returned to Anfield.

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German goalkeeper Loris Karius, who is still contracted to last year’s Champions League winners Liverpool, has been playing a really interesting part in some matches on one player’s Career Mode.

The glitch was discovered by Reddit user DiscoMable. They were stunned to see the man who is usually standing standing between the sticks randomly appear as things kicked off during a match between Brazil and Argentina.

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Obviously, these are two countries for which the 26-year-old goalkeeper is illegible to play, but he could be seen just strolling around the park as two of South America’s heavyweights clashed. Standing near the center circle, it’s fair to say Karius had the best seat in the house.

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One Reddit user also poked fun at Karius, too: “Damn that concussion really did him dirty, that’s sad.”

This is, of course, a sarcastic comment related to his infamous blunders in the Champions League final of 2018, where it was claimed that he had suffered concussion on the field of play in the aftermath of Liverpool’s crushing 3-1 defeat to Real Madrid in Kiev, Ukraine – as reported by The Telegraph.

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This isn’t even the funniest shot of the glitch, though, as the user posted some additional images. One screenshot saw fellow teammate Roberto Firmino run to the half-way line to celebrate with Karius, who watched on totally emotionless.

wallermatthewj, Imgur
Firmino ran over to Karius to celebrate during the match.

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It’s unclear as to how common this bug is, or whether it affects more than just the goalkeeper shown in these images.

Some in-game issues might cause serious problems for players, particularly in Ultimate Team’s competitive scene, although for things like this you can’t help but laugh. Will you be seeing a random pitch invader next time you play Career Mode? Perhaps.

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