Secret FIFA 21 speed boost controls revealed

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If you have been getting tore open in defence, it might be because you’re not aware of a new FIFA 21 speed boost feature attackers can use to get in behind. So, we’re going to show you how it works. 

In recent seasons, there has always been one or two tricks used by players on Ultimate Team, Career Mode, and even Pro Clubs to get a leg up on opponents. It used to be fake shots a few years back, though this year speed boosting appears to be edging towards the unstoppable.

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Well, if you use it right.

YouTube has always been a source of FIFA news for the community, with creators rattling off tips and tricks aplenty during the first few weeks. Among that hype, a video has emerged showing off very easy controls that could be the difference between losses and wins for players.

FIFA 21 aubameyangEA SPORTS
This speed boost won’t just help quick players like Aubameyang, and that’s the best part about it.

FIFA 21 secret controls

As seen in a video from YouTuber and esports player BorasLegend, there’s a knack to beating players not everybody will know about.

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This speed boost essentially needs to be activated when you can see a defender is about to charge. As they come to press the ball and put pressure on the player in possession, a quick edging of the ball into empty space can take them out of the game.

All you have to do is hit R1/RB twice, in quick succession, and it will move the ball quickly past the charging defender. Just before impact, Boras suggests, is the best time to execute the skill.

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There will, of course, be a number of people who are already exploiting this FIFA 21 speed boost. Those who have been wondering why their defending line is being carved open so easily, though, might now have an idea of how to counter the move.

Standing off the runner is obviously a good way to prevent them from taking up space, but when they’re using these controls in particular, it can be hard to stop.

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