RB Leipzig’s Mukiele calls for major changes in FIFA 21

Jacob Hale
Nordi Mukiele RB Leipzig FIFA 21

Professional footballers have been a little more outspoken about their issues with FIFA in the last couple of years, and now RB Leipzig’s French right-back Nordi Mukiele has called out EA over gameplay issues.

In the past, we’ve seen the likes of Manchester City star striker Sergio Aguero hit out at the game’s ‘pay-to-win’ elements, while Inter Milan’s Romelu Lukaku took a pop at them for lowering his rating in FIFA 21.

So it’s no secret that these footballers all play FIFA just like us, and seem to get annoyed at it just like we do — and now we can add another name to the list.

Nordi Mukiele, despite being a regular starter for RB Leipzig in their domestic and European campaigns, has given the game some time, and isn’t best pleased with one major issue.

RB Leipzig Nordi Mukiele throw in
Mukiele has become a first-team starter for the impressive RB Leipzig squad.

Like many of his fellow FIFA 21 grinders, Mukiele has taken issue with issues in the penalty box in the game.

“PLEASE repair faults in the penalty area…,” he begged of EASPORTSFIFA in a November 12 tweet. “I want to cry.”

Finishing the post with a number of crying emojis, you can imagine the sheer desperation that a professional football player must be experiencing to complain to the game’s developers in such a public setting.

He’s likely referring to the issues with refereeing decisions when attacking in the opposition’s box — or, more accurately, the lack of competent refereeing decisions made.

Players are regularly reporting that referees are a little overzealous with giving away penalties, especially with similar fouls being committed in other parts of the pitch with no penalization for the offending team or player.

Whether EA take heed of Mukiele’s request remains to be seen, but there’s no doubt we’ve all seen some questionable decisions made in the box on either end of the pitch, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

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