MattHDGamer reveals “rarest” FIFA 20 Ultimate Team you can build

David Purcell
MattHDGamer with FIFA 20 Summer Heat cards

YouTuber Matthew ‘MattHDGamer’ Craig has unveiled what he believes to be the rarest Ultimate Team squad a player could build with Summer Heat players, and it’s a star-studded lineup to say the very least. 

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The content creator is well-known in the FIFA community and boasts over 2.3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, at the time of writing.

As his loyal followers will know by now, pack openings on the platform is not the only type of video he’ll post on the regular, mixing it up with an interesting video on July 19.

During the uploaded video, Matt revealed his latest myth-buster – trying to piece together an XI full of Summer Heat players, while still getting 100 chemistry. Somehow, he pulled it off as well.

FIFA Summer Heat FUT goes out with a bang
The Summer Heat event hasn’t just introduced cards from this promo, but seen many from the past re-released as well.

The dedicated FIFA player has been consistently completing the Squad Building Challenges included in the Summer Heat promo, which has seen the likes of Ousmane Dembele, Roberto Firmino, and Ferland Mendy have their stats boosted significantly.

Having racked up a good amount of them now, he showed fans exactly what they need to do to have a complete set without compromising the chemistry of the side.

After adding the final piece to the jigsaw, he said: “100 chemistry guys – it is a myth. You can build a 100 chemistry squad in FIFA 20 with a full Summer Heat team, and that’s even without a manager so that is insane.”

Timestamp in the video below at 4:34.

MattHDGamer’s “rarest” Ultimate Team squad

  • Nick Pope (Summer Heat – 93)
  • Clement Lenglet (Summer Heat – 93)
  • Ferland Mendy (Summer Heat – 93)
  • Presnel Kimpembe (Summer Heat – 93)
  • Malang Sarr (Summer Heat – 92)
  • Ousmane Dembele (Summer Heat – 93)
  • Phil Foden (Summer Heat – 95)
  • Fabinho (Summer Heat – 92)
  • Bernardo Silva (Summer Heat – 94)
  • Vinícius Júnior (Summer Heat – 92)
  • Roberto Firmino (Summer Heat – 93)

With this myth busted by MattHDGamer, it will be interesting to see where he takes his myth buster series of videos next.

Summer Heat is likely the last major promo in FIFA 20, possibly with one or two minor promotions coming in the next few weeks, but all eyes will soon turn to FIFA 21. Hopefully then, he can find the rarest Ultimate Team in that game as well.