Major FIFA 21 glitch is completely ruining FUT Champs matches

Connor Bennett
Mbappe lying down celebration in FIFA 21

FIFA 21 players are having their FUT Champs games ruined by a new major glitch that involves making substitutions to your Ultimate Team. 

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When it comes to testing your FIFA skills against the best, there’s no better competition than grinding through FUT Champs.

The Ultimate Team mode, where you play 30 games over a weekend and try to rack up wins for some nice red pick players, packs, and coins, rewards the best of the best for dominating with their teams.

However, in FIFA 21, it also appears to be attracting a number of issues as well – with the newest one causing games to fall apart if someone tries to make a sub.

FUT Champs logo with FIFA 21 logo
FUT Champs is where the best of the best square off in FIFA.

Players have been running into the issue over the last few weekends, but YouTuber Vizeh seemed to have nailed down what has been causing the problems to ruin matches. 

“*WARNING* If you’re playing FUT Champs and you or your opponent scores a goal, if you instantly make a sub to your team, it will likely freeze on the FUT Champs transition and will give you the loss, even if you are winning,” the YouTuber tweeted.

Many players noted that they’ve also experienced the glitch in their own games but didn’t understand what was happening until it was pointed out. Others suggested that it’s also happening in other FUT modes like draft. 

For FIFA 21, EA SPORTS have been ramping up their efforts when it comes to battling issues in game modes like Ultimate Team, Career, and even VOLTA by setting up a public Trello board. 

However, as of writing, the FUT Champs issue has not been noted on either the Trello board or any of the FIFA social media pages, so it’s unknown if EA is aware of it. Though, players will be hoping that it is addressed sooner rather than later.