FIFA 21 DLC Assets glitch isn’t allowing players on EA servers

Nick Farrell
dlc assests fix

It appears some players are experiencing trouble when connecting to the FIFA servers. Luckily, there’s a quick solution to this pesky problem if you’re looking to play right away! 

FIFA at times is a brilliant game, and it can produce some incredible action for you and your friends. But, there are times where glitches and bugs can interfere with your gameplay and it can be quite annoying.

A new bug has appeared showing an error with ‘DLC Assets Update 1,’ and it’s preventing players from connecting to the online servers and playing the game.

Thankfully, some keen fans have figured out a solution to this pesky bug and we are going to walk you through it!

dlc assests bug
This bug has been appearing on multiple players screens as of late

DLC Assets Update 1 damaged

The glitch itself has not been called out by EA yet, but multiple accounts on social media have been calling out this bug and seeing if there is any solution to it.

Essentially, when players are trying to launch the game with the DLC Assets Update, they are getting a message that reads: “DLC Assets Update 1 appears to be damaged and cannot be used”. Right after this appears, they also cannot connect to the EA servers, making the game unplayable online if you encounter the bug.

With numerous accounts noting this bug, there is thankfully a quick fix that can get you back onto the pitch in no time.

How to fix the DLC Assets Update bug

So, if you run into this screen you are obviously going to want to fix it right away.

Below is a quick step-by-step guide into how you can fix the error. However, keep in mind this resolution appears to be working for some players, and not for others; so your miles may vary.

  1. When the message appears on your screen hit the “Cancel” button
  2. Doing this should make the message go away, but if it does not right away, keep trying until you find success
  3. If this does not work, back out of the menu, relaunch the game but in offline mode, and try to connect to the servers once you are in

As well, we have managed to fix the bug on our consoles, so you can check that out below.

We are sure EA is going to address this bug in the next update, so it shouldn’t be an issue for too much longer!

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