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How to complete Silverware Twins SBC in FIFA 20: Fabio/Rafael

Published: 20/Apr/2020 9:03

by David Purcell


EA SPORTS have added a brand new Silverware Twins Squad Building Challenge to FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, with Flashback Fabio or Rafael available in the Player Pick rewards. 

The SBC has been introduced to celebrate the twins’ involvement in Manchester United’s Premier League title win in the 2010/11 season, but you can only pick one of the Brazilian bros in this non-repeatable challenge.

If you would like to know how to complete this SBC, you’ve come to the right place. So, let’s run through the deadline, requirements, cost and solutions needed to check this one off.

Manchester United fans might want to add both of these new Fabio and Rafael cards to their Ultimate Team, but they can only have one.

Flashback Fabio/Rafael SBC in FIFA 20

Deadline and requirements

Both of these cards are lightning quick and 87 rated in FIFA 20, making the decision of which one to pick pretty tricky. One mistake you don’t want to make, however, is waiting around too long to complete it – as it expires on April 23. There’s two teams you will need to build for this, too, and full list of requirements can be found below.

Manchester United

  • Number of players from Manchester United: Min 1
  • In-form or Moments Players: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 83
  • Team Chemistry: Min 80
  • Number of players in the Squad: 1
  • Reward: Small Prime Gold Players Pack

Ligue 1 

  • Number of players from Ligue 1: Min 1
  • In-form or Moments Players: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 85
  • Team Chemistry: Min 75
  • Number of players in the Squad: 11
  • Reward: Rare Mixed Players Pack

Cost and solutions

If you would like to complete this Squad Building Challenge, you’re looking at a sizeable layout. According to the FUTBIN database, this will cost between 140,000 and 150,000 coins, depending on what platform you play on. Here are the solutions we would recommend for both teams.

Manchester United

Man Utd SBC solution
Juan Mata is the player included in our solution for this Man Utd SBC.

Ligue 1

This team will be much more expensive, with a Moments player at right back.

There you have it! That’s exactly what you need to do in order to complete the Silverware Twins SBC in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team. That’s not the only Squad Builder that’s available to check off in-game, however, and we’ve got guides for a few of them.

You can read more about Throwback Marquee Matchups Week 5, Flashback Miranda, and more on Dexerto. You can send us who you get in rewards packs or show us which twin you picked, by tweeting us @UltimateTeamUK. 


How to complete Wes Morgan Moments SBC in FIFA 21: solutions & cost

Published: 30/Nov/2020 1:07 Updated: 30/Nov/2020 2:09

by Isaac McIntyre


EA SPORTS have added another Player Moments SBC as part of FIFA 21’s ongoing Black Friday promo in Ultimate Team, and this time it’s an upgrade for silver defender Wes Morgan, celebrating his role as Leicester City captain in the club’s title-winning season.

Morgan, now 36, will forever go down in football folklore as the captain who — along with talismanic hitman Jamie Vardy and enigmatic manager Claudio Ranieri ⁠— guided ⁠the Foxes to a fairytale Premier League title in the 2015/16 season.

The title run, which bookies tipped at 5000 to one before a ball was kicked, is one of the greatest stories in modern football, and Morgan was all for the whole ride.

In the end, only he and Foxes ‘keeper Kasper Schmeichel played every minute of the club’s miraculous 38 games. He was also only the third outfield player to play every minute of a title-winning Premier League season, after Gary Pallister (92/93) and John Terry (14/15). 

EA has now released a “Player Moments” card to celebrate the defender’s achievements. Though the overall may not be too high, Morgan’s upgrade looks like a hidden gem ⁠— here’s how to get your hands on the SBC card.

Wes Morgan played every minute of Leicester City's title-winning season in 2015/16.
Wes Morgan played every minute of Leicester City’s title-winning season in 2015/16.

Wes Morgan SBC stats

At first glance, the new Wes Morgan card isn’t worth too much of a look-in. Don’t let the 74 rating fool you, however, because the Foxes captain is packing some serious firepower with his new SBC upgrade; he could even fit in a meta team!

There are a few low points. Morgan’s shooting is just a low 40, dropped down by 32 finishing and 27 volleys, and many of his stats are a middling 70ish in the front stats.

Morgan has serious gas lying beneath the surface. 71 passing disguises a hefty 95 short passing ⁠— one of the best you can get on a Premier League defender ⁠— and 81 long passing to boot. Crossing is low (29), but he won’t do that much.

Slap a “Shadow” chemistry style on him too, and he rivals top-class defenders like De Ligt and Davison Sanchez. He falls 10 pace short of Gomez, but his Defending (81) and Physical (82) are actually better than the meta Liverpool centerback.

In-game stats for Wes Morgan’s 74-rated Player Moments card.
Image via FUTBIN
In-game stats for Wes Morgan’s 74-rated Player Moments card.

Wes Morgan SBC requirements & solutions

The best news about the Wes Morgan SBC is its cost too. The Leicester City captain can be yours for just a handful of FIFA 21 Ultimate Team coins. In fact, he only requires one 82-rated squad to complete, with a single Foxes player included in the puzzle.

‘Wes Morgan’

  • Players from Leicester City: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 82
  • Team Chemistry: Min 70
  • Players in the Squad: 11

As of publishing, the two-squad challenge costs around 19k coins on Xbox and Origin PC, while PlayStation players can get it for even cheaper at 15k, according to FIFA stats website FUTBIN.

The best Leicester City player to whack into the squad is likely defender Çaglar Söyüncü. He comes in at 80-rated, but costs just 2.4k, so won’t break the bank. Surround him with cheap French stars, and you should hit 70 chemistry with ease.

A cheap solution to Wes Morgan's Player Moments SBC.
Image via FUTBIN
A cheap solution to Wes Morgan’s Player Moments SBC.

Want to get your hands on the new Wes Morgan upgrade? Be quick! It’s a Black Friday “flash SBC,” meaning you’ll only have the day itself to unlock the Premier League captain.

There’s sure to be plenty more of these over Cyber Monday too, so make sure you follow us on Twitter @UltimateTeamUK; we’ll make sure you’re updated on all the latest FIFA 21 news, leaks, new SBCs, and plenty more!