How to check your FIFA 23 record in Ultimate Team

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If you’re loading into FIFA 23 Ultimate Team and wondering where your win-loss record has gone, don’t worry, you can still find it in a similar way to last year.

When it comes to proving you’re amongst the best of the best in FIFA Ultimate Team, Weekend League is where it’s at. If you can grab 20 or so wins, you’re up in the upper echelon of players with a solid rank.

Though, that’s not the only way. For years before FUT Champs was a thing, the only way to prove you were one of the best FIFA players around was to have a sparkling win-loss record.

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It used to be pretty easy to find it. You’d load up Ultimate Team and it’d be sat in the top-right-hand corner just under your club name and FIFA Points balance. Though that changed in FIFA 22 and it’s similar again in FIFA 23 too.

How to check FIFA 23 record in Ultimate Team

If you want to see what you’re overall record in Ultimate Team is this year, you’ve got to do a little bit of digging again by flicking through the menus.

Once you’ve loaded up Ultimate Team, you need to find the ‘Stadium’ tab located on the main menu under the ‘Club’ sub-section. This is the one that lets you customize your stadium, duh, and rotate your squad for matches.

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After you’ve found that tab, simply click it and once it loads, you’ll be able to see your record displayed on-screen. Of course, if you’ve not adapted to FIFA 23 quickly, you may want to keep that record a secret for a little while.

  1. Load up FIFA 23 Ultiamte Team
  2. Move over to the ‘Club’ section and scroll across to ‘Stadium’
  3. Click on ‘Stadium’
  4. Once it loads, you can view your record
FIFA 23 Bonucci runningEA SPORTS
You’ll be gridning FUT 23 to boost that record in no time.

How to improve your FIFA 23 record in Ultimate Team

Obviously, if you’re looking to improve your record, the easy answer is to simply win more games. If you want to juice your record without playing online, then Squad Battles is the way to go.

You can risk your hand in both Division Rivals and FUT Champs if you think your side can handle it, but you might end with a fair few L’s next to your name.

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Otherwise, just keep grinding away and racking up those coins so that you can trade the market like a pro and get better as the year progresses.

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