FIFA Mobile El Dorado Treasure Hunt: Challenges, free rewards, more

Connor Bennett

FIFA Mobile has launched an all-new Treasure Hunt in the form of El Dorado. Here you can find everything about the new quest including the rewards, event flow, and how long it is until the event ends. 

Though the majority of EA SPORTS’ focus might be on the console version of FIFA, a hardcore following has picked up the FIFA Mobile game. If you’ve not played FIFA Mobile, it is pretty much how you’d expect – the best of FIFA on the mobile platform, including Ultimate Team and Champions League modes. 

Unlike the console version of FIFA, the mobile game has a few different twists on Ultimate Team in the form of treasure hunts.

These are events where you log in, play a few games, complete a few challenges, and progress towards rewards. The newest Treasure Hunt: El Dorado, is now live, and here’s what you need to know.

Eden Hazard for Real Madrid in FIFA 20
FIFA Mobile is a bit different compared to the normal game.

FIFA Mobile Treasure Hunt: El Dorado end date

The newest Treasure Hunt got underway on July 16 and will run until August 6, meaning that you’ve got 21 days to get involved. 

The event will flow pretty much as normal. Log in, play games, and earn Mining Tokens. Take these tokens into a ‘Gold Mine’ and you’ll unlock ‘Gold Points’ that will help you progress through the Treasure Hunt. 

You can also play the Adventure Mode which has set out rewards like additional Gold Points, Travel Tickets, El Dorado Players, a Hazard Key, and an exclusive Logo.

The El Dorado Treasure Hunt has plenty of challenges.

FIFA Mobile El Dorado Travel Tickets guide

From these rewards, the Travel Tickets are the key to unlocking the best players and most coins from what is on offer. 

You use these Travel Tickets to enter the ‘City of Gold’ where you get a coin reward each time you enter, but, rack up entries and you’ll get better players.

Milestone Requirement Milestone Reward
Use 10 Travel Tickets 87 OVR Treasure Hunt: El Dorado Player
Use 15 Travel Tickets 90 OVR Treasure Hunt: El Dorado Player
Use 25 Travel Tickets 92 OVR Treasure Hunt: El Dorado Player
Use 100 Travel Tickets 97 OVR Treasure Hunt: El Dorado Player
Use 250 Travel Tickets 100 OVR Treasure Hunt: El Dorado Player

FIFA Mobile El Dorado best players

Now, if you’re asking if these players are worth chasing, then the answer is absolutely yes. The players on offer are all South American – with the headline ones being a 103-rated Ederson, 104-overall Prime Icon Pelé, and 98-overall End of an Era Claudio Pizarro.

You can check out the other stand-out players in the graphic below, which includes a 103-rated Roberto Firmino, 101-overall James Rodriguez, and a 99-rated Keylor Navas.

The standout players from the El Dorado Treasure Hunt.

Additionally, a hidden gold path will be available in the treasure hunt for a week between July 23 and July 30. Through this, you can earn coins, Skill Boosts, Training XP, Gold Points, and Shapeshifter Players.

So, that’s everything you need to know about the Treasure Hunt: El Dorado in FIFA Mobile. Be sure to let us know how your quest goes by tweeting us @UltimateTeamUK.