FIFA 23 players claim Title Update 4 has “ruined” Ultimate Team matches

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FIFA 23 have criticized the game’s most recent patch, Title Update 4, claiming it has “ruined” the standard Ultimate Team match and undone this year’s focus on realism.

FIFA 23’s fourth major update went live on November 16. Title Update 4 changed many aspects of this year’s football simulation title, but the most notable changes went towards weakening outside-of-the-foot shots and buffing semi-assisted through balls.

However, now that players have been able to get hands-on experience with the new gameplay, responses have largely criticized the changes and claimed it has “ruined” the slower, more realistic, and tactical feel FIFA 23 was able to generate.

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FIFA 23 Title Update 4 blasted by players

Plenty of FIFA fans flocked to the game’s subreddit to lament the changes, arguing it has returned FIFA to a game based around pace. Previously, slower and stronger ‘lengthy’ players were considered meta, in a welcome departure from the franchise’s emphasis on pace.

One player claimed it returned FIFA to the same formula as the last 4 years, saying: “[It] was refreshing and enjoyable to have a FIFA title that you could use Tall & Strong players in an effective way, along with the smaller more agile players… Unfortunately (and rather predictably) the game has been patched and gone backwards, not forwards. It’s the same boring stale meta of FUT from the past.”

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Another said the changes have “ruined” the game, explaining: “It is just through ball 99 pace player run after it, shoot score everything. That’s not rewarding. Before the patch it was nice to manually defend this plays. Now, it’s just sitting back hoping to not get a player in behind.”

However, some players did welcome the shift in meta, arguing that it keeps FIFA titles fresh and forces players to adapt. “I can actually pull off a smart dribble move,” one fan said, “and use a sprint boost to get past my opponent, rather than just getting trucked every time I touch the ball. This feels like actual FIFA again.”

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Of course, EA will never be able to please everyone but it does seem that many think the Title Update 4 has missed the mark in terms of finding a balance between slow, strong players and rapid, tricky wingers.