FIFA 23 January squad update makes Ronaldo a free agent on Career Mode

Eleni Thomas
FIFA 23 Ronaldo rating

FIFA 23 has made Cristiano Rolando a free agent in Career mode following his real-life departure from Manchester United.

Ronaldo is one of the greatest soccer players of all time. When it comes to Career mode, he is always one player that the community follows and wants in their team. However, real-life career choices have meant that the iconic soccer star is now appearing as a free agent in FIFA 23.

In a Reddit thread, the FIFA 23 community began discussing Ronaldo’s status as a free agent as well as his worth within the game. One user wrote that he “got him for $29k and a $100k signing bonus. That was the absolute minimum I could get.”

Others have been utilizing Ronaldo’s free agent status to bring him back to his old clubs and even reunite him with some old teammates. ​​”Brought him back to Madrid in my career mode and considered getting Bale as well to reunite the BBC,” wrote another Reddit user.

Ronaldo’s real-life return to Manchester United was riddled with disasters, with his performance coming into question as well as minimal game-time and on-pitch outbursts being the source of major criticism and backlash from fans and commentators alike.

He has now signed with Al-Nassr FC, a Saudi-Arabian team. Time will tell if FIFA 23 updates Ronaldo’s club status but for the moment, he appears as a free agent.

Content creator iShowSpeed recently revealed that he was invited by the club to meet with Ronaldo. Given that Speed has been making it big lately for his hilarious FIFA videos, meeting Ronaldo is sure to create some viral content.

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