FIFA 23 Career Mode lets you play as real managers like Klopp & Guardiola

Connor Bennett
Pep Guardiola sat behind desk in FIFA Career ModeEA SPORTS

The days of Mr Manager or using your own name in FIFA Career Mode may soon be numbered as FIFA 23 will, finally, allow you to play as some of the world’s best tacticians.

With FIFA 23 being the end of the current FIFA franchise as we know – EA will be ditching the FIFA branding for their 2024 game, and using EA SPORTS FC instead – the game developers are making some big changes to go out with a bang.

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The HyperMotion technology that was introduced in FIFA 22 will be upgraded through HyperMotion2, with tonnes of new animations for everything from passing, shooting, set-pieces, and even goalkeepers. Plus, there is a laundry list of changes being made to the way FIFA Ultimate Team works.

Career Mode will, again, see some changes with the release of FIFA 23 – even if it’s not the major overhaul and redesign that some players have been begging for – and that even includes who you play as.

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FIFA 23 adding real managers for Career Mode

For years, when you start up a Manager Mode save in FIFA and start designing your on-screen persona, you’re given the name Mr Manager. Of course, this can be changed to pretty much whatever you like – within reason, of course.

While a lot of players stick with the pre-set name, the days of Mr Manager could be numbered, seeing as you’ll be able to play as an authentic manager in FIFA 23.

That’s right, when you start up a save, you’ll be given the option to play as some of the world’s most-renowned tacticians, with their faces appearing in the news articles after transfers, sitting behind the desk in post-match press conferences, and everything in between. No more needing to make them as a custom manager.

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EA have stated the change has been a “long time coming,” and yes, you will be able to take your manager to other clubs. That means that you’ll be able to use Pepe Guardiola and make a triumphant return to Barcelona.

There are also questions about how playing as an authentic manager will affect you’re in-game challenges with regards to winning trophies and keeping the board happy.

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