FIFA 22 “scripting” glitch won’t let ball cross goal line

Bill Cooney

A FIFA 22 player’s clip of a ball that refuses to cross the goal line has fans calling foul, and even accusing the game of “scripting.”

Scripting is a common complaint among FIFA players, and while there’s actually no definitive proof it exists, clips like this make it hard to argue the contrary.

Basically, scripting is a theory among the FIFA community that claims momentum shifts in matches affect the difficulty to score goals.

While we can’t say for sure that’s what’s going on here, it certainly is an intersting clip, to say the least.

Ball “refuses” to go into goal during FIFA 22 online match

Posted by user reclining_buddah in the FIFA subreddit, the clip shows a keeper coming down with the ball right on the goal line.

However, when it reaches the line itself, it’s literally as if there’s an invisible wall in the way, preventing it from going in and scoring.

On top of that it even passes through the keeper’s knee, simply refusing to cross over.

Buddah didn’t call it scripting themself, but plenty of other players in the comments were quick to claim it was.

“Scripting” has been the biggest conspiracy theory among FIFA players for years.

However, one user pointed out that it could be an intended feature, instead of a glitch or EA falsely making games more competitive than they should be.

“There was an issue last year where people could easily score by running into the keeper on stuff like this, and the solution then was just to make it a red card,” one user replied. “Guessing this was added this year to avoid having to keep that.”

So, while it might look like EA is intentionally making it more difficult to score to make the game more exciting in this clip, it could actually be an intended feature to keep players from cheesing the keeper.

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