FIFA 22 Career Mode glitch ends Mo Salah’s career with insane injury

Ryan Lemay
salah in fifa 22

FIFA 22 Career Mode has a history of glitches, but Mohamed Salah missing 1.8 years due to injury is certainly unexpected.

Career Mode doesn’t get the same shine as Ultimate Team, but it boasts a passionate fan base and has been a series staple for years.

FIFA 23 is the final FIFA game, and EA gifted Career Mode fans a few parting gifts. You can play as authentic managers and even take them to other clubs. Transfer evaluations, new player traits, and off-the-pitch purchases are also coming to FIFA 23.

Before turning our attention to EA’s next installment, FIFA 22 still provides plenty of laughs, including the latest Mohamed Salah injury glitch.

FIFA 22 glitch sends Salah into retirement

Injuries are not an issue in Ultimate Team, but can cause problems in Career Mode.

A FIFA player was doing a Career Mode save with Liverpool and encountered an injury glitch that ruled out Salah for around 1.8 million years.

Pulled hamstrings can cause long term-issues in real life, but 1.8 million years seems like a bit of a stretch.

Users in the comment section took turns cracking jokes. One player responded, “Just in time for the 1,774,210 Intergalactic Federation Cup.”

A second player jested, “Pulled hamstring. Did he pull out his hamstring, or what the hell?”

Edging on the line of being distasteful, A third user spun Liverpool’s anthem, You’ll never walk alone and said, “You’ll never walk again.”

Harmless glitches like this one are always nice to take a step back from and share a laugh over.

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