FIFA 21: Why is Renato Sanches TOTW extinct on the FUT Market?

Nate Searl

Since Renato Sanches TOTW card released with Team of the Week 2 in FIFA 21, he’s been a valuable card to have. Suddenly, it seems he’s gone extinct from the FUT market – here are the reasons why. 

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On October 26, Reddit user ‘Crimsonpets’ discovered that the Renato Sanches TOTW card has suddenly disappeared from the Xbox and PlayStation 4 FUT market. The card was going for around 50,000 FUT coins, but now it appears it’s gone.

It seems like FIFA 21 players are discovering how valuable the Renato Sanches TOTW card is for a team with Christiano Ronaldo. ‘IsolatedSkrtel’ pointed out that “Sanches is the only viable CM from Ligue 1.” Since he’s a Portuguese player from Ligue 1, he has a perfect chemistry link with Ronaldo.

Despite the fact that Sanches only has an 82 overall rating, his attribute distribution is good. 83 pace is solid for a midfielder and his 85 dribbling skill with 4-star skill moves helps him make runs up the pitch. Combine that with an 80 passing rating and a 77 shooting and he’s an absolute beast for his 82 rating.

Now that the FIFA 21 FUT meta is beginning to develop, it seems like Sanches is gaining popularity in it. Most players are using Kylian Mbappe, Neymar Jr., and Cristiano Ronaldo as forwards. Putting Sanches on as a midfielder is a great way to boost chemistry.

Renato Sanches will go up in price

FIFA 21 Renato Sanches TOTWRenato Sanches PC Value

Now that people are realizing how valuable Renato Sanches is on a team with Ronaldo, his FUT market price is bound to skyrocket. On PC, he’s listed at 189,000 FUT Coins. Expect to see similar prices for him on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 soon.

If you do end up seeing a Sanches card for a low price, make sure to snag it. Even if you don’t plan on using it, you can flip it on the market for a big profit. You can also keep him around for a Ligue 1 or Portuguese team if you plan to make one in the future.

As of right now, it looks like he’s is going to be a staple in the meta for the foreseeable future. Be sure to be on the lookout for future cards like Renato Sanches that might take a huge spike in value.