FIFA 21 Europa League Road to the Final: RTTF upgrades, SBCs, Objectives

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The first UEL Road to the Final (RTTF) team in FIFA 21 is live and it includes a handful of valuable new cards that can help your squad. Here’s everything you need to know about this promo.

It’s an exciting time of the year in the world of football, and EA SPORTS hasn’t forgotten about the Europa League. Their newest promo in FIFA 21, the (UEL) Road to the Final is here with some new and fun cards.

Of course, as with its UEFA Champions League counterpart, any card released as part of the UEL RTTF is considered a “live item,” meaning its stats will get boosted every time the team manages to advance another round in the tournament.

The full UEL Team 1, as well as any untradeable cards released via SBCs and Objectives, can be found below.

Europa League Road to the Final team 1

The Europa League Road to the Final cards in FIFA 21.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, the Striker for Arsenal, highlights the first UEL RTTF team. He’s been a popular card so far in FIFA 21 given his high pace and shooting, so he’s bound to be a valuable card to have.

Renato Sanches has been perhaps the most valuable card out of the set so far, however, as his stats are excellent and he pairs well with Cristiano Ronaldo. Ndidi, Diaby, and Peres all get nice upgrades here too. Ndidi has been a great budget midfielder, so he is also surely going to see some play. Overall, these cards are all pretty solid.

Europa League RTTF SBCs and Objectives

As with most promos, the UEL Road to the Final offers several untradeable cards via Squad Building Challenges and Objectives. We will include them here once announced., along with links to full guides on how to complete them.

The first one is Youcef Atal from Rennes, and you can check out the requirements, cheapest solutions, in-game stats, and everything else you need to complete the SBC.

Will there be a UEL RTTF Team 2?

It appears that there will be a second set of UEL RTTF cards released the very next day, on November 11, as mentioned in EA SPORTS’ teaser tweet before the promo kicked off.


FIFA 21 UEL Road to the Final predictions

As always, we like to provide some predictions about which players in the Europa League will get chosen for this year’s RTTF promotion.

So far, teams like Arsenal in Group B (three wins from three), Rangers and Benfica in D (each 7 points apiece), and French surprise package Lille (leading Group H ahead of Milan) have all shone brightly in the competition’s group stage.

Expect EA to keep leaning towards teams, and therefore players, who have a better chance of making the knockout rounds. Here are some of the teams they can choose from for the second set of cards:

  • Roma (Group A)
  • Arsenal (Group B)
  • Slavia Prague (Group C)
  • Bayer Leverkusen (Group C)
  • Rangers (Group D)
  • Benfica (Group D)
  • PSV Eindhoven (Group E)
  • Napoli (Group F)
  • Leicester City (Group G)
  • AEK Athens (Group G)
  • Milan (Group H)
  • Lille (Group H)
  • Celtic (Group H)
  • Tottenham (Group J)
  • Hoffenheim (Group L)

So there you have it, all we know about the new UEL RTTF promo in FIFA 21. Make sure to stay up to date as we will provide live updates here when we get them.

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