FIFA 20 Summer Showdown: How to complete Masuaku and Trezeguet SBCs

Bill Cooney
Masuaku vs Trezeguet Summer Showdown FIFA 20

The latest Summer Showdown SBCs in FIFA 20 are giving players the chance to unlock two new untradeable cards for Arthur Masuaku and Mahmoud Hassan AKA Trezeguet. Here’s what you need to know about getting your hands on both of these high-rated players that could get even better depending on how the upcoming West Ham vs Aston Villa match goes.

The Summer Heat promo has already given way to a number of highly-rated cards in FIFA 20 and the next set of Summer Showdown SBCs give players the chance to grab West Ham left back Arthur Masuaku or Aston Villa midfielder Mahmoud Hassan, more commonly known as Trezeguet.

As with all of the Summer Showdown SBCs, both of these cards have been boosted up in stats to a 92-rating, with the potential to go even higher, depending on how the July 26 match between Aston Villa and West Ham at 11:00 AM ET plays out.

For FIFA’s Summer Showdown, the player whose team wins the IRL match goes up three rating points, one point for each if there’s a draw, and zero points for the loser.

Even though these stats could change based on how the upcoming match goes, let’s take a look at what each player is working with stat-wise right now for their Summer Showdown SBC rewards.

Arthur Masuaku Summer Showdown stats

Stats for Masuaku’s Summer Showdown card in FIFA 20.

Lukaku comes with the nice, level stat line you would expect with a 92-rated defender. His Defending and Pace attributes are top of the line, at 94 and 96 respectively, and a 94 Dribbling stat means he’ll be able to do a good job of keeping the ball in possession once it reaches him.

Of course, as a defensive-focused player Masuaku’s shooting is nothing to write home about only coming in at a paltry 77. He does boast 91 shot power, but even with that the West Ham star will definitely fare better sticking to the back of your formations.

Trezeguet Summer Showdown stats

Trezeguet Summer Showdown stats
Stats for Trezeguet’s Summer Showdown card in FIFA 20.

On the flip side of things we have Trezeguet, who comes in with a very nice 96 Pace, 93 Shooting, and 95 Dribbling stats. 94 Finishing and 95 in both Shot Power and Long Shots mean the Egyptian star will definitely be able to make his chances count.

There is the forgettable 47 Defending stat, but Trezeguet has never been a player to see too much of the defensive side of things, so as long as you put him where he’s intended to play, you should be just fine.

Arthur Masuaku SBC requirements and cost

Grabbing Masuaku’s card should be no trouble at all, as there’s only one SBC to complete and it’s definitely on the cheaper side of things. To further help you out we’ve got a few solutions to the challenge that should make things even easier for you.

According to FUTBIN, Masuaku’s SBC will cost around 62,000 FUT coins to complete on Origin PC, 66,000 on Xbox, and 70,000 on PlayStation.

Arthur Masuaku

  • Number of players from Premier League: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 83
  • Team Chemistry: Min 80
  • Number of players in the Squad: 11
  • Reward: 92-rated Arthur Masuaku

Trezeguet SBC requirements and cost

Same as Masuaku, there’s only one SBC to get done in order to grab yourself Trezeguet’s Summer Showdown card, and it comes with similar, but not exactly identical requirements. It is almost twice as expensive, but even then, it won’t exactly make you go broke.

According to the FUTBIN database this SBC should run you somewhere around 119,000 FUT coins on Playstation, 124,000 on Xbox, and 147,000 on Origin PC.

Mahmoud Hassan (Trezeguet)

  • Number of players from Premier League: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 86
  • Team Chemistry: Min 50
  • Number of players in the Squad: 11
  • Reward: 92-rated Trezeguet

Arthur Masuaku SBC cheap solutions

Below we’ve provided a couple of cheap solutions for the Masuaku SBC you should be able to complete without any loyalty requirements, and for the cheapest price.

Masuaku SBC solution 1
The cheapest solution to Masuaku’s Summer Showdown SBC according to FUTBIN.
Masuaku SBC solution 2
Another cheap solution for Masuaku’s Summer Showdown SBC.

Trezeguet SBC cheap solutions

Trezuguet’s challenge should be even easier to complete than Masuaku’s even though it might be a little more expensive on average. Only 50 chemistry means you can fool around a bit with your lineups, but we’ve got a couple of cheap solutions right here to make things even easier.

Trezeguet cheapest Summer Showdown SBC solution
The cheapest solution for Treqeguet’s Summer Showdown SBC according to FUTBIN.
Another cheap Trezeguet solution
Another cheap solution to Trezeguet’s Summer Showdown SBC according to FUTBIN.

Both of these SBCs will be around for the next six days until July 26, just one day ahead of the July 27 matchup between West Ham and Aston Villa. So, if you want a chance at an even better card, depending on whose team wins, be sure to knock out both of these SBCs while they’re still around.

As always, let us know which card you prefer and even drop a prediction on who you think will win the Aston Villa v. West Ham matchup on our Twitter @UltimateTeamUK.
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