FIFA 20 Summer Heat: How to complete Paul Pogba Fan Vote SBC

Published: 19/Jul/2020 10:27

by Joe Craven


As Summer Heat winds down, EA have released another mind-blowing SBC, this time focusing on Manchester Utd midfielder Paul Pogba. Here’s everything you need to know to complete it, including cost, requirements, and cheapest solutions. 

It seems EA are determined to make FIFA 20 go out with a bang, as some of their most recent SBCs have been jaw-dropping value, and for some of the best cards in the game. This new one is no different.


Manchester United star Paul Pogba seen his base rating boosted by seven, pushing him all the way up to a 95-overall. If you want to get your hands on the new card, he’s what you need to know.

Paul Pogba Summer Heat Stats in FIFA 20

Paul Pogba’s OVR has only been boosted by 7, but it still reflects a pretty significant upgrade. His defending is the only stat to fall below 88, meaning he is much more suited to a CAM role, rather than that of a CDM.


93 shooting, 95 passing, 95 dribbling, and 93 physical mean he is one of the Premier League’s best midfield cards at orchestrating a whole side’s attack.

Pair these stats with 5* skill moves and 4* weak foot, and Pogba is up there as one of the best midfield cards in the entire game.

Pogba’s stats in full.

Paul Pogba Summer Heat Cost, Requirements & Solutions

Beyond his incredible stats, the Pogba SBC is also very good value for coins. According to FUTBIN, the total cost for the SBC is between 295,000 and 320,000 coins, depending on your platform.


Furthermore, there are only two squads required to complete the Paul Pogba SBC. The first is a Manchester Utd squad. It needs one player from the Red Devils, a minimum OVR of 84, and a minimum team chemistry of 75.

This squad costs between 95,000 and 100,000 coins. One of the cheapest solutions, not requiring loyalty, can be found below:

The second is a Premier League squad, requiring one player from the English top flight, a minimum OVR of 88 and minimum team chemistry of 50. This squad costs between 210,000 and 225,000 coins. One of the cheapest solutions, not requiring loyalty, can be found below:


So, finally, is the Paul Pogba SBC worth it? Yes, absolutely. You’re getting a top tier PL midfielder for 300,000 coins(ish). There are a few better options, but they are ludicrously expensive in comparison.

TOTSSF De Bruyne, for example, costs nearly 2 million coins. If you have a PL side and the coins, get Pogba while you still can.


How to complete FIFA 21 UEFA Marquee Matchups SBC Week 1

Published: 22/Oct/2020 10:44

by David Purcell


The Champions League Group Stage is well underway now and with that comes the UEFA Marquee Matchups SBC in FIFA 21. Here, we look at how much Week 1 will cost you, plus an easy solution to complete both of the teams in the requirements.

There were some big clashes featured in this week of fixtures, including Manchester United flying over to Paris to take on PSG, and also Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool making the journey to Amsterdam, to face off against Dutch champions Ajax.


Those are the two games these challenges are based on as well, so expect to need cards from those teams.

Let’s jump into the requirements, cost, and solutions – provided by FUTBIN.

Ajax v Liverpool took place on October 22, where the Reds won 1-0.

FIFA 21 UEFA Marquee Matchups SBC Week 1

Ajax v Liverpool requirements

  • Players from Ajax & Liverpool: Min 1
  • Clubs: Max 5
  • Same League Count: Max 3
  • UCL NON RARE Players: Min 2
  • Squad Rating: Min 75
  • Team Chemistry: Min 75
  • Players in the Squad: 11
  • Reward: Prime Mixed Players pack

Cost and solution

Cost: 21,000 to 26,000 coins


The Ajax v Liverpool side of the SBC is significantly more expensive.

Paris v Manchester United

  • Players from PSG & Manchester Utd: Min 2
  • Leagues: Min 3
  • Same League Count: Min 5
  • UCL RARE Players: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 77
  • Team Chemistry: Min 80
  • Players in the Squad: 11
  • Reward: Rare Gold Pack

Cost and solution

Cost: 6,000 to 8,000 coins


Here’s how to complete this SBC.

Rewards and expiry

For completing the two challenges, you will land a Prime Mixed Players pack and Rare Gold Pack, as well as a Small Rare Players Pack.

The challenge expires on October 27, where we will no doubt learn about Week 2 soon after. With so many great cards included in Team of the Week 4, it’s probably worth completing as many Squad Building Challenges as you can to give you the best chance of landing one.

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