FIFA 20 Pre-Season promo countdown: predictions, start time, more

Bill Cooney
EA Pre Season Promo header

EA SPORTS are set to kick off a new Pre-Season promo on Wednesday to potentially give players who might already be looking ahead to FIFA 21 a reason to stick around for a while longer in the current installment.

Following the Summer Heat promo wrapping up, players weren’t exactly sure how long they would have to wait and see if there would see another before the release of FIFA 21 later this Fall. Check out all of our predictions for the mysterious new Pre-Season promo below.

When does the Pre-Season promo go live in FIFA 20?

EA SPORTS are set to take the Pre-Season promo live on Wednesday, July 29, 2020.

As other events have done in the past, this looks set to kick off at about 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM BST.

What exactly is coming remains unknown, although we’ll go over all the possibilities for what could be headed our way. So, be sure to keep an eye on our official Twitter account for all the latest info as soon as the event goes live.

FIFA 20 Pre-Season promo predictions

FIFA 21 Dortmund Erling Braut Haaland
Many players might have expected to have their heads fully turned to FIFA 21 at this point – but no. Something interesting is happening.

There’s nothing outright explaining what this event will be, although a good amount of people believe that it’ll be a way for players to unlock rewards they’ll be able to use in FIFA 21, which seems to be a pretty likely scenario.

We’ve seen plenty of loading screens for the Pre-Season event in FIFA 20 already, and a few of them could give us a good indication of the types of new player cards we’ll see when things get going.

One of the loading screens included player card backs that feature the Champions and Europa League’s logos, so if you’re looking for an idea of what stars we could see included with the promo, those would be a good place to start.

FIFA 21 Pre-Season teasers explained

Aside from the first generic image, showing just the name, we have since seen several teasers posted.

The most interesting one, at first at least, was this below. It shows Europa League and Champions League cards, giving some players the thought that updating cards obtainable in this title to take to the next may be the surprise.

One of the Pre-Season loading screens indicated the promo could have to do with the Champions and Europa Leagues.

Since that time, another has been published showing TOTSSF and Team of the Year card designs.

There’s not any official explanation behind this at the time of writing. Then again, it could foreshadow Team of the Year cards being re-released in the game. This would be the first time this type of thing has happened in the game mode’s history.

New FIFA 20 Pre-Season teaser
Here’s another teaser, which was released shortly after one showing just a purple card.

The door is honestly completely wide open as far as Pre-Season is concerned. It could be pretty much anything at this point.

This sort of thing has been unveiled in FIFA Mobile and other EA games in the past, with late-game rewards.

This event is also coming at an interesting time in the title’s life cycle. This period is usually when things cool off and the community somewhat loses interest. However, all eyes are still on the current installment – for now.