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How to Unlock FIFA 19 Hoop Dream Trophy & Achievement

Published: 22/Dec/2018 21:07

by Matt Cotton


In this FIFA 19 Hoop Dream trophy and achievement guide for PS4 and Xbox One, we will explain exactly how to unlock one of the most difficult and unknown accomplishments within this year’s game. See the full FIFA 19 Hoop Dream achievement and trophy tutorial below…

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Unlocking trophies and achievements in FIFA 19 will increase your trophy count and Gamerscore, respectively for each console. Gamerscore gives a good indication of how experienced a gamer is and can give you bragging rights over your friends. Although the Hoop Dream trophy/achievement isn’t necessarily worth a lot, it has become the most difficult for FIFA users to obtain.


The reason the FIFA 19 Hoop Dream achievement/trophy is difficult to unlock, is the fact that many users don’t actually understand how to get it, as well as it being very difficult to acquire. The reason behind this is due to the fact that it requires specific settings in order to unlock it. As this trophy/achievement is rare amongst gamers, unlocking it will be very important to collectors.

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FIFA 19 Hoop Dream Achievement & Trophy (Venice Beach)

FIFA 19 Hoop Dream can only be unlocked once you have completed The Journey game mode. Once you have completed The Journey, you will need to score through a basketball hoop whilst playing on a court in the Venice Beach location in Los Angeles, California. This really isn’t easy, but don’t worry, we will explain the best method on how to do this.


There are a total of 42 different trophies on PS4 and 41 achievements on Xbox One in FIFA 19. Although this isn’t the most rewarding accomplishment in this year’s title, it can provide great satisfaction when completing it. The FIFA 19 Hoop Dream trophy/achievement will earn you a bronze trophy and a total of 15 Gamerscore. The following video details exactly how to earn this.

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FIFA 19 Hoop Dream Trophy/Achievement Tutorial 

Once you have completed The Journey game mode in FIFA 19, go to customise on the main menu. You will then need to go to settings and then customise controls to make it easier to earn the FIFA 19 Hoop Dream achievement. Reset your settings to make sure they are assisted and then select shot assistance to manual.


Once you have done this, head back into the journey and you’ll be sent back onto the basketball court on Venice beach. The FIFA 19 Hoop Dream trophy requires you to score through the basketball hoop. This can take some time and is difficult, although there is special a trick in doing this.

Using a chip shot (LB+B on Xbox One or L1+circle on Ps4) will give you the best chance of success. You will be able to work out the amount of power required after a few attempts, but using this technique will decrease the time you will have to spend doing this.


Let us know if the above method has helped you to successfully learn how to unlock FIFA 19 Hoop Dream. You can get in touch with us via Twitter.