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EA under fire after leaking personal info of FIFA players and personalities [UPDATED]

Published: 3/Oct/2019 15:44 Updated: 3/Oct/2019 17:35

by Jacob Hale


Electronic Arts have come under fire for accidentally leaking the personal information of thousands of FIFA players, pros and streamers.

UPDATE: Oct 3 at 10:25 PST

EA has responded to the “potential issue” affecting their registration page, and has taken down the site while they investigate the cause of the problem.

While the company looks into the matter, they asked for the community to report any “potential security issues in EA’s games and services to secure[email protected]

Original story as follows…

On Thursday, October 3, EA Sports announced this season’s FIFA Global Series – the competitive circuit that leads players to the FIFA eWorld Cup. A link was provided to allow players to register for qualification, and this is where the problems started.

Before long, it became clear that EA was having some serious issues with registration, as players found they were already being provided with login information – and not their own.

FIFAThe FIFA Global Series is the biggest circuit on the FIFA esports calendar

As evidenced in the tweet below, when players tried to register on the site, they were instead given registration information of players who had already registered – including some notable names in the community.

“My friend got a big pull in the Data Breach pack, Hashtag’s own Algerian Arrow, @YaniOurabah. We’ll send you a birthday card. What a mess.”

A number of high profile pros and community members were affected by the leak, including professional FIFA player for Ajax, Joey ‘Joey’ Calabro. Coincidentally, his details were allegedly shown to fellow pro Bruno, a Brazilian player who represents SPQR.

It appears registration is no longer available on the website, as EA is working to address the issue.

A number of notable players and personalities spoke out about the issue, dismayed that it could even happen. Kurt “Kurt0411” Fenech was very direct in his feelings about EA and the accident.

Meanwhile, FIFA YouTuber Reev simply said “Yikes” before making a joke of the situation, saying it was “probably Jeff on live chat who came up with the idea to leak everyone’s details”.

EA has had a strained relationship with its consumers in recent years – most notably with the release of Star Wars Battlefront II, in which they managed to write the most downvoted comment in Reddit history when addressing microtransactions and the difficulty of unlocking certain characters.

Hopefully, this issue will be sorted quickly and measures will be taken to prevent another data breach occurring in the future.


How to complete James Tavernier FIFA 21 Headliners SBC: Solutions & cost

Published: 15/Jan/2021 16:12

by Connor Bennett


EA SPORTS have released a brand new Headliners SBC for an 86-rated version of Rangers defender James Tavernier. So, here’s how you can complete the Squad Building Challenge. 

Headliners have been in FIFA Ultimate Team for a few years, and they work in a similar way to One to Watch cards. If a player who has a Headliners card then gets a new special card which is higher rated, the Headliners version is automatically upgraded.

In FIFA 21, there have been two teams of Headliners released so far, with a few Squad Building Challenges – SBCs – thrown in for good measure too.

The newest SBC centers around Rangers right-back James Tavernier. The 29-year-old defender, who has had two in-forms in Ultimate Team already, has been bumped all the way up to an 86. So, here’s how you can get your hands on him.

Screenshot of James Tavernier's in-game stats on his Headliners card
Screenshot via FUTBIN
A look at Headliners Tavernier’s in-game stats.

James Tavernier Headliners SBC in-game stats & requirements

As you can see above, the boosted stats make Tavernier a pretty decent card to pick up, even if you haven’t built an SPFL or Rangers team. He can seamlessly fit into any team with English defenders, or ICONS, of course.

However, as you might expect, he doesn’t come all that cheap. You’ll have to build two teams to get Tavernier – each containing at least one Team of the Week player.

You can find the requirements for both, below:


  • Number of English players: Min 1
  • Number of in-form players: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 83
  • Team Chemistry: Min 75

Top Form:

  • Number of in-form players: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 85
  • Team Chemistry: Min 65

James Tavernier Headliners SBC cheapest solutions

Speaking of his actual price tag, according to FUTBIN, the total cost for Headliners Tavernier is between 180-190,000 coins, depending on whether you’re on Xbox, PlayStation, or Origin on PC.

However, to try and get you under that somewhat lofty price tag, we’ve got the cheapest solution for each part of the SBC below.

Team of FIFA cards for Tavernier SBC
Solution for the Top Form part of Tavernier’s SBC.
Team of FIFA cards for Tavernier SBC
Solution for the England part of Tavernier’s SBC.

Now, unlike the Player of the Month SBCs like Bruno Fernandes, you won’t have a full month to get the coins and cards needed to get yourself a Tavernier.

The card is only available in Ultimate Team until January 21, so make sure you act fast. And, let us know how you find Tavernier in-game by tweeting us a review over at UltimateTeamUK.