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EA fumbles FIFA 22’s new Mbappe promo card

Published: 15/Dec/2021 18:01

by Andrew Highton


EA are in hot water with their fans once more after making a mistake with the free Generation card pack awarded to players. FIFA 22 Ultimate Team players that were able to acquire Mbappe were confused to see the position on his card not reflect the advertised one.

FIFA 22 has flirted with trouble since its release and Ultimate Team promos have caused some of this. The recent FUT Versus promo incorrectly advertised the event, leading to many players calling it the ‘worst in history.’

Now, the much-advertised Generation promo has arrived, and despite the simplicity of it, EA have managed to award erroneous cards to FIFA FUT fans.


kylian mbappe posing in fifa 22 ultimate team
Despite being one of the world’s best strikers now, this card was not supposed to reflect this.

To take part in the Generation cards promo, all players had to do was simply play FIFA Ultimate Team and be rewarded with a single pack. In it was one of 6 different players with enhanced cards, apart from Mbappe.

The French PSG forward instead received a downgrade but had the position on his card changed from a striker to a left-winger – his breakthrough position. However, the EA Direct Communication Twitter page had to inform players of a problem.

They went on to say that anyone who had the ST version of Mbappe will “receive the correct LW version once we have identified the impacted players. This may take some time.”


Many Ultimate Team players shared their ST Mbappe card to social media, conclusively showing the problematic card.

We’re not sure when EA is going to make the adjustment to all the incorrect Mbappe promo cards, but it’s best to take advantage whilst you can if you were one of the lucky few who were able to acquire it.